General Drymanov detained prematurely as he tried to get attorney's status 

General Drymanov detained prematurely as he tried to get attorney's status
Alexander Drymanov

The General was detained in one of Moscow's business centers.

The detention of former Head of the Moscow ICR Alexander Drymanov was scheduled for Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko’s verdict entry into effect, writes the Karaulny Telegram-channel.

However, Drymanov tried to obtain the status of a lawyer in the Volgograd region, which would make him unassailable to the FSB - then only the Investigative Committee could initiate a case against him.

The General was detained during a business trip in one of the capital's business centers. Now he is placed into the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center, tomorrow the court may choose a measure of restraint.


Earlier it became known that Drymanov was charged with receiving a bribe in the case initiated against former Head of the ICR BIA Mikhail Maksimenko, his deputy Alexander Lamonov and the First Deputy Head of the capital's ICR, Denis Nikandrov.

According to the investigation, the defendants were to release arrestee in the case of a shootout on Rochdelskaya Street Kochuykov, Shakro Molodoy's ally. At the same time, Drymanov was regularly mentioned at court sessions among bribe-takers, but he did not receive any status in the investigation. The General denies involvement in bribery, explaining it by the interdepartmental confrontation between the ICR and the FSB, which, seeks to gain control over the Investigative Committee during the bodies reform.



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