General Director of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin resigned

General Director of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin resigned
Mikhail Slobodin

His resingnation from the post is connected with the case of the multi-million rubles bribes to the former leadership of the Republic of Komi.

Executives of VimpelCom Ltd. accepted the resignation of Mikhail Slobodinfrom the post of the General Director of the company. The new Head of the holding was appointed Shell Morten Johnsen.

The report of VimpelCom stated that Slobodin's resignation was a consequence of the fact that the businessman became involved in the case of bribery to former officials of the Komi Republic.

August 5 there were searches in company Renova, after which there were arrested the Head of the company T Plus Boris Vainzikher and the co-owner of the company Renova Evgeny Olkhovik. According to investigators, Vainzikher, Olkhovik and Slobodin, occupying senior positions in the company Integrated Energy Systems (IES), gave especially large bribes to ex-leaders of the Republic of Komi for the creation of favorable conditions for the activities of the structure in the region.



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