Gambling pathology of prosecutor Kozlov 

Gambling pathology of prosecutor Kozlov
Prosecutor Aleksandr Kozlov is in gambling business again

According to the Crime Russia's source, in a very near future the Tula Region prosecutor Aleksandr Kozlov may become a lead suspect in another "gambling" case over protection of bookmaker’s office Fonbet.

One of the figurants of a legendary case over «protection racketeering» of casinos network located near Moocow by the group of prosecutors may again be mixed up in a corruption scandal. According to the Crime Russia’s source, in a very near future the Tula Region prosecutor Aleksandr Kozlov may soon become a lead suspect in another «gambling» case over protection of bookmaker’s office Fonbet, which conducts illegal activities. Our person familiar with the matter found out that law enforcement authorities suspect the Tula prosecutor in providing information and protection services to Fonbet. Crime Russia reveals the specialties.

In 2015 Deputy of Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Vladimir Malinovskiypresented his candidacy for new regional prosecutor post, Aleksandr Kozlov, to the Regional Duma. In the presentation Malinovskiy described Kozlov as «competent technician, who can ably sensitize subordinates to work for the law protection». Kozlov himself mentioned in his speech, that his main goals on his future post would be to fight against corruption, protect citizens in the housing and public utilities (HPU) sphere and to solve problems concerning migration. The Malinovskiy’s summary regarding the Kozlov’s personality was rather neat and hid the most interesting.

According to some data, Postrigan himself provided protection for Kozlov, when he was designed on the post.

The "Klin" mincing machine» 

Starting from 2015 through present, Aleksandr Kozlov has been holding a post of the Tula Region prosecutor. The future prosecutor and a figurant of many scandals was born in 1969 in Uralsk, a city of the West Kazakhstan Province in the Kazakhstan Republic. After graduating in 1991 the Saratov Law Institute he entered employment in the Uralsk Prosecutor Office. In the years that followed, Kozlov was busily shifting in his professional sphere. He worked as a chief aid of the Uralsk prosecutor, a legal counsel in joint-stock company Tyan-Shyan, a chief investigator of Tver Prosecutor Office, a prosecutor of the Branch of the Department for Supervision over Investigation, Inquiry, Operative and Search Activities of the Tver Region Prosecutor Office. Also here in the Tver Region he held a post of a chief prosecutor of the Branch of the Department for Supervision over Legislation on Combating Corruption.


In 2001 Kozlov, moved to Klin due to his promotion. Here he took a post of a major case investigator of the Klin Prosecutor Office, afterwards he climbed to the deputy of prosecutor of Klin. As the matter of fact, exactly in Klin he first gave a handle to by judged for corruption. In memories of Klin citizens still lives a remembrance of the local leader Aleksandr Postrigan, who during his 22 years of employment managed to show up in dozens scandals. According to some data, Postrigan himself provided protection for Kozlov, when he was designed on the post.

According to people familiar with the matter, not only supervision over execution of the law fell under Kozlov’s competence but «protection racketeering» of the Postrigan’s broad activity as well. There were many things to cover: while leading Klin from 1992, the bureaucrat managed to turn the about Moscow district into his own homesteading and gained different important connections in governmental and force structures. All members of Postrigan’s family – children, wife, sister-in-law, nephew and even pensioner-sister – are currently successful businessmen. At the same time, Postrigan’s son Valeriy owned Klin’s mechanical engineering plant as well as shares and stocks of the following enterprises: limited liability company (LLC) Aliye Parusa, LLC Almageya, LLCMaster-Class, LLC Private security firms Pantera 2000 and Pantera +, LLC ZiS, LLC JurBuhProf-Consalting, LLC Investment funds management, LLC Sosnoviy Bor, LLC Klin’s hardware plant (Klinmet), security firm Scat, LLC Oliviya Klincvetmet, LLC Krona, LLCDetective, LLC Reclama PEN, LLC Sputnik Telecom, LLC ARS-A, LLCKREK, LLCRenaissance K; and also a great amount of real estate units, some of them even abroad. The daughter Natalia keeps up whit her brother – she owns beauty salons. At the same time bureaucrat’s nephew in the line of the wife, Vadim Ermoshkin, is an owner and president of a firm, which is included in the family business.


Postrigan’s wife Elena Dmitrievna and her sister Irina held leading posts in the Klin’s office of the Moscow Oblast Registration Chamber. Elena held a chief’s post, while Irina was her deputy. It’s no coincidence that they worked there – the Registration Chamber was the exact place, through which all real estate business, including illegal, was conducted. Here is how the scheme looked like: the father «sells» land and properties to his son and nephew, the wife and the sister-in-law (buyers’ mothers) confirms the deal, afterwards the objects are being farmed out or sold, while money – goes to the family.

During Postrigan’s leading some local enterprises learned how does the total lawlessness from the Klin’s administration look like. During the Postrigan’s «mincing process» companies underwent assets stripping, bankruptcy, harassment by all kinds of technical inspections and even killings. The companies, which fell under the «mincing machine» were Klin collective farm market, Industrial Organization Klinvolokno, Klin agricultural engineering and construction plant, open joint stock company Klin ski factory, Klin motor transport enterprise and others. Companies, which carried on business on the Klin’s territory, were suffering exactly since Postrigan took the post.

Local public prosecution «had been missing» the lawlessness, because it knew that the leading position was held by the head of the city’s protégé. For helping Postrigan, Aleksandr Kozlov was receiving generous dividends and mercy in Klin. Seven years later Postrigan will literally gild Kozlov’s wife, but later about it.

According to information sources, not only supervision over execution of the law fell under Kozlov’s competence but "protection racketeering" of the Postrigan’s broad activity as well.

"Lands" business 

Kozlov’s next point of destination was located near Moscow city Pushkin. In 2004 he was allocated as city prosecutor of Pushkin. Here Kozlov kept in contact with businessman Valeriy Kazakov, who had a reputation of a «solver» among local community. He «helped» prosecutors to allocate proper people on leading posts in around Moscow administrations and financial structures. According to available data, Kozlov and Kazakov were connected not only by friendship, but also by lands «deals». It is known, that the entrepreneur bought a land parcelbelonged to the prosecutor. The parcel was situated in an around Moscow village Zelenogradskiy and was later put up for sale for 12 million rubles. It is not known how far it could get, but on 1st of August 2008, Vladimir Kazakov was shot at the entrance of the Pushkin Prosecutor Office building. There he went to witness under the criminal case, initiated against the head of the Pushkino, Vladimir Bashkirtsev.


A year after Kozlov’s assignment, he suddenly became an owner of a luxurious land parcel priced at $180 thousands in Zelenogradskiy. Right before this "lands happenings", Kozlov confirmed an order to dismiss criminal complaint against the head of the village Ludmila Gastilo. Were these events connected to each other? Later the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation would decide that they were and would make enquiry.

The fact that Kozlov got Gastilo off the hook produced many talks. However, Kozlov did not become a figurant of a criminal case. On the contrary he received a higher post.

It is unknown whether authorities tried to take the heat off Kozlov, but in 2007, by the order from above, his assigned a deputy of the Moscow prosecutor. However the "Pushkin case" caught up with him in the capital in 2011. Back then the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation conducted an inspection connected with the suspicion, that Alksandr Kozlov received the land parcel in Zelenogradskiy in the capacity of a bribe. The investigators supposed, that for the parcel the prosecutor "missed" machinations with the land of a local orphanage. A document confirming purchase of a land by Kozlov for a shockingly low price went into disposal of Izvestia. According to the document, 18 decrease of land, which market value is estimated in 2005 at not less than $180 thousands, fell to the corrupt prosecutor only for 6 910 rubles!

Following the first inspection went the second.

This time Kozlov was suspected in getting a flat in area 100 square meters by fraud while still being Pushkin’s prosecutor. According to the investigation, he provided into a regional administration a phony data saying that he is in need of accommodation, while he obviously was not. He had already owned an accommodation unit located near Moscow. As the investigation suspects, in result of the deal, Kozlov received a flat and privatized, it registering the accommodation in the name of his under-age children.

However, following the results of the investigation, no criminal cases were initiated against Aleksandr Kozlov. It is known, that in both cases – he denied any wrongdoing. The story of a «freebee» land parcel he explained by getting it with the help of benefits, as all his colleague-prosecutors.

A year after Kozlov’s assignment, he suddenly became an owner of a luxurious land parcel priced at $180 thousands in Zelenogradskiy. 

 Serving raiders 

Aleksandra Kozlov was not scared by the investigators’ interest and soon he showed up in corruptive scandals again. Thus the prosecutor’s name was mentioned in light of illegal seizures of several buildings at Verhniya Krasnoselskaya street in Moscow. Both buildings belonged to a closed joint stock company (CJSC) Navigator. Duma deputy Sergey Belokonev openly announced, that Kozlov clearly cooperates with the invaders.

The issue is about once much-publicized story of how an open joint stock company (OJSC) Perspective, represented by the chief A. Kostin, have stolen several buildings using forged documents. The seizure of the buildings, which belonged to CJSC Navigator, was conducted under the pretense of sale and purchase transaction. When in 2007 the documents were signed, everything looked decently and within the law, however the truth revealed later. The transfer of ownership was officially registered in May. Seemingly simple deal turned to be a beginning of a raider attack, organized by the head of Perspective.  It occurred, that to fulfill the plan, the raiders needed originals of character documents. Soon they received new data. At the same time, Kostin’s daughter became an alternative chief of CJSC Navigator. She was assigned after purchasing company’s stocks.

The senior investigator for especially important cases of the Second Branch of the Investigative Office of the General Investigative Administration of the General Administration of Internal Affairs of the Moscow city initiated a case over the fact of a fraud. According to the investigation, unknown persons, after creating the forged documents, updated the purchase-sale contract and termination agreement of the purchase-sale contract. The forged document was presented to the Administration of the Federal Registration Service of the Moscow city – was said in a regulation dated December 22, 2008.

However Aleksandra Kozlov suddenly stood in the way of the investigation – saying by all his activities, that there would not be any case. The prosecutor found many reasons to blanket the case and managed to ignore the documentarily statutory declaration of chairman of the Moscow Arbitral Tribunal Oleg Sviridenko. Even though the declaration confirmed the forgery of court holdings on behalf of OJSC Perspective.

Not without the Moscow’s prosecutor efforts, firms of Kostin and his relatives are now situated in the captured facilities while the area left is rent out.

Back then a Duma deputy Sergey Belokonev, who seemingly could not stick it any longer, commented on the fact of such a reverential concern for the raiders. According to him, Kozlov could have been personally interested in the failure of the deal and, as relevant, in the «protection racketeering» of OJSC Perspective, as he could have met representatives of the company in Pushkin. It is where the firm owns an independent manufacturing facility and conducts its business. Taking into account the fact, that in his days Kozlov covered Postrigan, who was literally robbing the Klin entrepreneurs, - the Belokonev’s claim does not seem so incredible.

Not without the Moscow’s prosecutor efforts, firms of Kostin and his relatives are now situated in the captured facilities while the area left is rent out. The business brings its owners a great profit estimated at millions of rubles.


Aleksandr Kozlov had other obvious interests also. Like in another high-profile case, that was initiated against a former chief of the Administration of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of Moscow city and the Moscow Region, Aleksey Volkov, over getting a bribe. Under the initiated in 2007 case four employees of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance were detained. These were: Aleksey Volkov, a chief of the Legal Office Roman Slesarenko, his subordinate and the main specialist of the office Vyacheslav Ragulin, and the chief state inspector of the Sergievo-Pasad District around Moscow Branch Andrey Orlov. They were accused in receiving bribes. According to the investigation, the figurants conducted a number of checks of the military-hunting sector of the Zabolotskiy Interregional Military-Hunting Community of the General Staff of the Military Forces in Sergievo-Pasad district. Based on the results of the checks they drew up a breach report and froze the validity of the hunting sector license. In return of its renewal, the criminals demanded to make a limited liability company (LLC) out of the military-hunting sector and to designate Andrey Orlov’s wife for the president post. Besides, the contract was created, according to which 50% of the authorized capital of a new LLC Zabolotskoe Hunting Sector should have been transferred to some CJSC Zapovedniy Krai. The investigation qualified the figurants’ actions as bribe extortion.

Interests of the head of the Administration Aleksey Volkov were protected by a group of high-paid Moscow’s lawyers. For almost a year authorized operatives and investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) were collecting the evidential base. However, all their efforts turned to be useless, when it occurred that the Moscow Prosecutor Office on behalf of Aleksandr Kozlov, sent a young man, over 20, with lieutenancy’s shoulder boards to stand for the official prosecution in court. In the fight against a well-qualified Volkov’s lawyer, he had predictably lost. Of course, it had an impact on the jury’s decision – in October 2009 all figurants of the case were justified.

Then, stunned by such failure observers were wondering, to which purposes had Aleksandr Kozlov adhered, when sending to the «fight» a green prosecutor? The answer was somewhere on the surface – in 2006 Aleksandr Kozlov had already stopped a case, initiated against Volkov, when he received a bribe at several hundreds of thousands dollars under the record.

Behind every great man there’s a great woman

Kozlov’s wife – Sokolskaya Alena Dmitrievna, being an enterprising, successful and popular lady, is equal to her husband. Beginning her career from the post of a head of a kindergarten, she was then, in 2013, designated for a deputy chief of the Administration of Klin municipal district – a head of the Department of Education of the Administration. A year later, due to scandalous resignation of Aleksandr Postrigan, Sokolskya took up posts of head of Klin and chairman of the Council of Deputies of Klin municipal district.


After being designated Kozlov’s wife thanked Postrigan for the protection by making him a citizen of honor of Klin district and suggesting him to work as an expert or a councilor. He gladly agreed. And that’s how they exchanged their gratefulness.

According to available data, Skolskaya, as well as her husband Aleksandr Kozlov, is a member of a grouping, protected by son of the Prosecutor General of The Russian Federation Igor Chayka. Chayka-junior was a governor Vorobiev’s culture, youth policy and sports advisor on a voluntary basis till August 2015. Interests of Igor Chayka spread on Klin as well. He himself confessed in an interview, that he planned to turn this city into an "around Moscow Zalcburg" with Chaykovskiy instead of Mozart.

In 2015 the Nedelya newspaper published facts of the affiliation of the heads of the around Moscow municipal structures and financial groups. According to the newspaper, Sokolskaya fell under this list.

In Klin district settled a kind prosecutorial clan, protected by Igor Chayka. The head of the Klin district Alena Sokolskaya (wife of a former Moscow prosecutor deputy and current prosecutor of the Tula Region Aleksandr Kozlov) and the head of the Administration Eduard Kaplun (forme prosecutor of Klin, who run to Israel from the arrest under the case over "protection racketeering" of around Moscow casinos). According to Nedelya, a teammate of the currently hiding in France oligarch Serge Ilinskoy – businessman Aleksandr Yakunin was chosen to be a head of Solnechnogorsk district.

Everlasting gambling

The most bright corrupt part of Aleksandr Kozlov’s biography is without doubt figuration in a high-profile case over "protection racketeering" of the casinos located near Moscow. In 2011 the Investigative Committee revealed a network of underground casinos in 15 cities of the Moscow Region. The network was connected to several high-ranking employees of the Prosecutor Office and MIA. The corrupt officials from security agencies , who covered the casino received an revenue up to 80% , estimated at from 5 to 10 millions dollars in month. The investigation suspected, that the Moscow Region prosecutor deputy Aleksandr Ignatenko and his subordinate Dmitryi Urumov created a grouping, which included Noginsk city prosecutor Vladimir Glebov, Klin prosecutor Eduard Kaplun and other security officials, who had been getting bribes for protection of the illegal casinos.


Photo: Birthday party of the casinos' owner Ivan Nazarov 


Photo: Birthday party of the casinos' owner Ivan Nazarov 


Photo: Birthday party of the casinos' owner Ivan Nazarov 


Photo: Birthday party of the casinos' owner Ivan Nazarov 


Photo: Birthday party of the casinos' owner Ivan Nazarov 

Kozlov was targeted in the investigation, however he had not become an official figurant. According to objective evidences, in this corrupt network he played the role of an "announcer", telling the underground casinos when the inspection may come. A former head of the 15th Administration of the Moscow Region Prosecutor Office Dmitriy Urumov mentioned Kozlov’s name. According to him, from Kozlov in summer 2010 Nazarov learned about coming checks of the casinos by the Administration «K» of the MIA of Russia. At the moment, Kozlov was a functional Moscow prosecutor deputy. As a result, according to Urumov’s statement, the inspection question was solved with the help of $75 thousands.

Kozlov was not served any charges and his career, as we know, had never suffered from this story. At the same time his colleague Eduard Kapulin was not just named in a case. A criminal case over bribery was initiated against him, in 2011 he was put on the international wanted list, was hiding in Israel, but soon voluntary came back to Russia and told his testimony to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Eventually the case was closed and in autumn 2015 it occurred, that Kaplun was designated for the chief of the Klin district Administration. It is interesting, that on the photograph taken on the birthday party of the casinos’ owner Ivan Nazarov – Kozlov, Ignatenko and Sokolskaya were chased in a friendly atmosphere.

Kozlov, Skolskaya and Kaplun, in their turn, are well acquainted with Igor Chayka’s older brother – Artem. Probably it explains, why Igor Chayka decided to focus his activity exactly in Klin. In one of the Anticorruption Foundation’s investigation it was mentioned, that Chayka’s family is highly appreciated by the Klin’s bureaucrats.


Kozlov was targeted in the investigation, however he had not become an official figurant. According to objective evidences, in this corrupt network he played the role of an "announcer", telling the underground casinos when the inspection may come.

In the process of blanketing the gambling scandal, Aleksandr Kozlov went for promotion. As it was mentioned, in 2015 he became a prosecutor of thee Tula Region. However, moving from the Moscow Region he did not leave it without his control. According to available data, albeit the change of prosecutors (Semin U. U., Kudneev C. V., Churikov V. V.), Kozlov still has close connections with Moscow prosecutor deputies Markov B. P. and Vedernikov V.V. In the regional and district branches of the Prosecutor Offices still work Kozlov’s protégés, who fulfill his instructions. Usually these employees supervise over investigation.



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