"Fulfilled General Romanyuk’s orders." Yekaterinburg police Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department head arrested 

"Fulfilled General Romanyuk’s orders." Yekaterinburg police Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department head arrested
Eduard Voronin

Eduard Voronin is suspected of patronizing the gambling business, while according to his lawyer, the head of the city's Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department was only following orders from the former deputy head of the MIA Directorate for the Sverdlovsk region Vladimir Romanyuk, who was detained on October 3 in Moscow.

Head of the city Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department Eduard Voronin was arrested on Friday, October 5, by the Leninsky District Court of Yekaterinburg for a period of two months, Kommersant reports.

A policeman is accused of exceeding his authority (part 1 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code). According to the newspaper, the investigation, which petitioned for the arrest of the police major, suspects Voronin of the protection of the gambling business.

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, FSB officers searched the office and home of the head of the Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of the MIA for Yekaterinburg on Wednesday morning. The investigation is being carried out by the 4th Investigation Department of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR in Yekaterinburg with the operational support of the regional FSB directorate. Shortly after the searches, Eduard Voronin was arrested.

According to Head of the press service of the regional MIA Colonel Valery Gorelykh, investigative activities were carried out within the framework of a “no defendant criminal case”, and Voronin’s lawyer Sergey Kolosovsky said that “some old gambling-related case was the cause”. The Ural media, in turn, linked the searches and the subsequent arrest of Voronin with a loud case in which the founder and trainer of the fight club Brave Nikita Maltsev, as well as the official of the department for economic security and anti-corruption of the MIA of the Russian Federation for Yekaterinburg Sergey Kondrashin. Both were accused of extorting a bribe of 1.2 million rubles ($18,000) from a representative of the betting shop OOO DilSis for helping to return the equipment withdrawn by the operatives of the Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department in 2015 and the subsequent fencing of bookmakers from police checks.

Meanwhile, according to the lawyer Sergey Kolosovsky, Voronin carried out the order of his leader Vladimir Romanyuk, and he could not know that it was illegal.

Former Deputy Head of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Sverdlovsk region, Vladimir Romanyuk, was detained on the same day as Voronin, although it was not officially confirmed or denied by the security forces. 

Police Major General Vladimir Romanyuk

The general is being tested for involvement in the patronizing of the gambling business, and according to Znak.com, Romanyuk is charged with receiving a bribe in the amount of 1 million rubles ($15,000). However, according to information from an unofficial source of security officials, the possible arrest of General Romanyuk is directly connected with the case of Eduard Voronin. He noted that there is evidence on which General Romanyuk ordered the termination of checks against the owners of illegal gaming structures, and they paid for the protection. In addition, the general could be associated with the well-known thief in law Yury Pichugin (Pichuga).

Yury Pichugin

As The CrimeRussia reported earlier, after moving to Moscow, Romanyuk lived next door to a thief in law, who before his arrest in February 2017 in the criminal world was called one of the main candidates for the “throne” of the ‘thief in law Number 1’ Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) detained in the summer of 2016.

In September 2018, Pichugin finally faced charges under articles 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Organization of the Criminal Community) and 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal Possession of Weapons) and 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder), which threatens with life imprisonment.



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