Fugitive Russian security officer: interview with German TV

Fugitive Russian security officer: interview with German TV
Pyotr Samarsky

Pyotr Samarsky has become one of the main characters in a documentary about the ‘Kremlin agents.’

Former FSB officer Pyotr Samarsky, who had been wanted for five years on charges of extorting bribes, has reminded of himself. As it turned out, Samarsky is in Germany. He has given an interview to the German television channel Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), becoming one of the main characters in the documentary. 


The fugitive, who has exposed the Kremlin's involvement, has had his face hidden and voiced changed

In the movie Putin’s cold war, the former security officer hiding from the Russian justice is presented as FSB Colonel Igor. According to ‘Igor’, he used to be in charge of 50 officers and 400 agents. 


Picture of the former colonel in dress uniform as shown in the film

In his words, he decided to leave Russia after it got weird between him and his boss. Under the fictitious name, Pyotr Samarsky told the German journalists that his conscience had caught up with him, so he decided to reveal the information about the FSB agents, who were a dime a dozen in Europe.


He met the TV men on a beach

“We’ve created a network of secret agents in Europe,” Igor has revealed his direct involvement in the case. “We’ve inserted our spies under the guise of refugees. In case we would need to influence the political situation in the Kremlin’s interests, those agents would be responsible for this.”


Telling about spy network at the table in a café

Despite Igor’s changed voice and hidden face, investigators of the military investigation department of the Volgograd garrison have recognized him as Pyotr Samarsky. The ex-security officer’s friends have confirmed that it was indeed Samarsky who played in the documentary.

In an interview with the Volgograd online edition V1.ru, the son of the former secret service officer said he had no idea how his father ended up in Europe.

“I do not believe that my father could give up his former colleagues, but I don’t want to comment on the situation,” the colonel’s son Nikolay Samarsky said. “All I can say is that I last saw him a long time ago and know nothing about him.”

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, since 2012, former Head of the Department for Combating Extremism of the FSB Department for the Volgograd region Pyotr Samarsky has been on the federal wanted list after escaping from the Volgograd garrison’s investigation department. The investigators assume that his friend businesswoman Lyudmila Lyznova, whose tracks have been lost, was the one to help him leave the city and the country.

Samarsky is accused of extorting a bribe from a businessman. According to investigation, in the period from 2005 to 2009, he was granting ‘protection’ to the Volgograd businessman and hosed him for over 2 million rubles. 



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