Fugitive principle found in closet after stealing $3.6m of school money 

Fugitive principle found in closet after stealing $3.6m of school money
Screenshot Photo: Ren TV

The ex-principal of the school stole students parents' money.

The Moscow police could not find and detain former principal of one of the capital's schools Konstantin Petrov for seven years.

As reported by the REN TV channel, the ex-head of the educational institution was found in the apartment of his relatives in one of the multi-storey houses located along the Akademika Anokhina Street. The 39-year-old teacher was hiding in the closet.

According to the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, Colonel of internal service Yuri Titov, officers put a tail on Petrov, checked all addresses of relatives and friends. He was detained by officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the Western District of the capital jointly with the district police department in the Troparevo-Nikulino district. At the same time, the former director was literally dragged out of the closet.

Petrov was wanted since May 2011. The investigation found that, while being the principal, he organized a fund for students, the parents of students donated money for the current needs of the school and academic work. Funds collected were embezzled by the principal.

After being accused of embezzlement, Petrov went on the run.

Video: Detention of fugitive ex-principal



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