Fugitive Oboronenergosbyt OJSC CEO Zmikhnovsky was arrested in absentia

Fugitive Oboronenergosbyt OJSC CEO Zmikhnovsky was arrested in absentia
Ex-CEO of Oboronenergosbyt OJSC Alexander Zmikhnovsky Photo: photo.guzei.com

Ex-Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdyukov will be witnessing in the criminal case once again.

The Former CEO of Oboronenergosbyt JSC Alexander Zmikhnovsky was arrested in absentia for 2 months from the moment of detention on suspicion of fraud in large scale (p. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). Thus, the court granted the petition of the Chief Military Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee, reports Kommersant. The company Oboronenergosbyt was previously the monopoly supplier of electricity to military units and enterprises of the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the investigators, Alexander Zmikhnovsky, acting in an organized group, in 2011-2013 repeatedly overestimated the cost of supplied electricity. In addition, using a fictitious agreement with the fly-by-night companies on ostensibly performed maintenance of electricity grid, the CEO siphoned and cashed out the money. The total damage of the Ministry of Defence from the former "Oboronenergosbyt"  CEO’s actions amounted to more than 448 million rubles.

Earlier, in 2013, during an inspection of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office, it was revealed that Zmikhnovsky ordered to pay the top managers of the company severance pays in the amount of 50 to 100 monthly salaries. Six managers of Oboronenergosbyt wrote letters of resignation, and immediately reinstated in their jobs. In addition, each of them received the compensation in the amount of 10 to 41 million rubles. When the investigation started getting interested in these "golden parachutes", all those top managers, who have factiously quit earlier, returned their bonuses totaling to 155 million rubles. Thus, they avoided charges of abuse of authority (Art. 201 of the Criminal Code).

Now, when the investigation on suspicion of fraud against the "unidentified persons" was initiated, Zmikhnovsky has left Russia and, according to some data, now lives in Turkey.

The FSB placed the former CEO on the wanted list, the Khamovniki Court has chosen a pre-trial restriction in his respect in absentia. Zmikhnovsky’s defense appealed the arrest in the Moscow City Court, but it agreed with the decision of the lower court. This decision will now serve as the basis for suspects search by Interpol.

Anatoly Serdyukov will be witnessing in the case. The thefts discovered by the investigators occurred when the former Minister of Defense was the Chairman of the Council of “Oboronenergosbyta”.

Oboronenergosbyt JSC was established as the sole provider of electricity to the Defense Ministry enterprises in 2010. It just was an integrator company between the state enterprises generating the power and the military units. Often, under the Ministry of Defense guarantees it accumulated debts to suppliers. In December 2015, Oboronenergosbyt owed more than 1 billion rubles to Mosenergosbyt.



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