FSB seized documents in Novgorod Ministry of Forestry due to illegal logging

FSB seized documents in Novgorod Ministry of Forestry due to illegal logging

The damage from numerous violations may amount to more than 1.3 billion rubles.

The Federal Forestry Agency and the Federal Security Service (FSB) visited the Ministry of Natural Resources, Forestry and Ecology of the Novgorod Region to seize documents in order to verify information about illegal logging and other violations. Damage to the state could exceed 1.3 billion rubles, according to the Federal Forestry Agency.

In addition, the agency found violations during the auctions held by the Novgorod State Forestry Agency for the right to conclude forest purchase and sale contracts.

From November 2018 to January 2019, the Rosleskhoz conducted a series of unscheduled inspections of the Ministry of Forestry in the Novgorod region and sent the collected materials to the investigating authorities, which initiated eight criminal cases - “from fraud to commercial bribery of high-ranking current and former officials of the regional ministry, institutions, commercial organizations". Documents withdrawn on July 12 may become evidence for new criminal cases.

In February 2019, the Rosleskhoz demanded that the governor of the Novgorod region, Andrey Nikitin, dismiss the head of the regional Ministry of Forestry, Anatoly Kudritsky, who has been working in the department since March 10, 2017. Nikitin promised to carry out personnel decisions after a scheduled inspection, which ended on July 12, the Rosleskhoz reported.



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