FSB reports $795.000 theft at St. Petersburg’s Maly Drama Theater

FSB reports $795.000 theft at St. Petersburg’s Maly Drama Theater
The Maly Drama Theater of St. Petersburg

The money had been allocated for a new theater stage.

The FSB announced there has been a theft of 45 million rubles ($795.000) allocated for a new stage at the Maly Drama Theater in St. Petersburg, according to RBC. A criminal case about swindling on an especially large scale was instituted under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code.

According to the investigation, a certain group of people appropriated 45 million rubles allocated from the budget of the Russian Federation. The unnamed suspects are going to be tried.

The new theater stage was supposed to be completed by the end of 2019, Interfax reported. Under the contract, rehearsal rooms, technical and storage facilities and underground parking had to be built or renovated. As reported by 78.ru, Stroysoyuz SV had been the contractor until December 2016, when the 2.5-billion-ruble contract was broken over a breakdown of construction timeframes. After that, a new contract was signed with Transept Group for 2 billion rubles. The works were started in the spring of 2017.

In November 2017, the Culture Ministry’s North-Western Directorate for Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration announced a tender to pick a new general designer, since "certain changes were introduced to the project". TDM, the previous designer, went bankrupt. 38 million rubles was allocated to make project documentation.

Lev Dodin is the executive and art director of the St. Petersburg’s Maly Drama Theater. According to the theater's website, Dodin and the theater’s chief artist Alexander Borovskoy had come up with the concept for the new stage, which will replace the two-story building of Semyonovsky regiment’s yard.



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