FSB raids Yekaterinburg MIA OEBiPK

FSB raids Yekaterinburg MIA OEBiPK

Investigative actions may be associated with an extortion of a bribe for the return of the seized equipment from the bookmaker.

FSB officers carry out searches in the Yekaterinburg Ministry of Internal Affairs Department.

Operational activities are carried out on behalf of the regional ICR, the press service of the Federal Security Service in the Sverdlovsk region explained.

According to Ura.ru, FSB operatives raid the Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department (MIA OEBiPK). In particular, the edition writes, the search is conducted in the office of the Division for the consumer market of the Yekaterinburg MIA OEBiPK Head, Denis Zhdanov.

Head of the press service of the MD MIA in the Sverdlovsk region Valery Gorelykh confirmed investigative activities in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but stressed that not a search, but "inspection of premises in order to detect possible material evidence" is carried out in the building.

The reason for FSB's investigative measures in the building at the 74, Frunze Street is allegedly a criminal case of corruption. Ura.ru notes that, according to investigators, MIA officers offered to return the equipment, seized from the bookmaker, for 1.2 million rubles.



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