FSB raids organizations under Ministry of Energy

FSB raids organizations under Ministry of Energy
Yegor Grinkevich Photo: sibenergetic.ru

An official’s wife was a ghost employee with the salary for her work included in consumer energy bills.

The Russian Federal Security Service searches and seizes papers from the Market Council nonprofit partnership and Trade System Administrator JSC in the World Trade Center on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment in Moscow. According to the Legal.Report, security officials carry out the operational activities in organizations controlled by the Ministry of Energy in order to identify the criminal patterns created by the high-ranking officer and his wife.

Oksana Grinkevich, the wife of Yegor Grinkevich, the Deputy Director of the Department of Electricity Development with the Russian Ministry of Energy is an employee of the Market Council and Trading System Administrator, but only on paper. According to the law enforcement, Oksana Grinkevich is a part of a payroll fraud. Interestingly, the main sources for the wage fund in the Market Council and Trading System Administrator are annual fees of the association members and regulated activities. They are included in the price of electricity for various consumer groups. So, Grinkevich’s compensation for the work she’s never done has also been paid by the electricity consumers. In total, she is believed to have illegally received over 12 million rubles.

According to a Legal.Report’s source in the Prosecutor's Office, a recent check at the Ministry of Energy revealed numerous corruption cases. Mostly, they concerned nepotism among officials.


The nonprofit partnership called Market Council for the organization of efficient wholesale and retail trade of electric energy and power (NP Market Council) is a self-regulatory organization for the wholesale electricity and power market. It was established in 2008 on the basis of the NP Administrator of the wholesale electricity market trading system (power) of Energy System (ATS). It ensures the development of the rules of the wholesale and retail markets and their enforcement, regulation of relations among the participants of the wholesale market.



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