FSB officers suspected of swindling arrested for 2 months

FSB officers suspected of swindling arrested for 2 months

The Moscow Garrison Military Court has arrested the current and former employees of the Moscow Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia Karen Krayukhin and Vlad Novikov for two months. They are suspected of swindling in the amount of 5 million rubles in respect of the Turkish construction company Esta Construction.

According to the investigation's allowed application, the suspects will remain in custody until November 6, but Krayukhin and Novikov's defence intends to appeal the decision.

According to investigation, administrative proceedings in connection with the identified violations of migration legislation in relation to Esta Construction, engaged in the construction of large facilities, such as stadiums, supermarkets, and airports, were initiated in March 2016. The company was fined for 37 million rubles for employing foreign migrants.

In order to minimize the company's financial losses, its lawyer Valerian Kochergin had appealed to Novikov and Krayukhin, whom he knew well, asking to shift the administrative penalty from a legal entity to a company official, as a result of which the amount of fine would be reduced from 37.6 million to 100 thousand rubles.

Krayukhin and Novikov had asked 5 million rubles for their services; however, they have failed to fulfill the promise after receiving the money.

The company management has filed a report against rainmakers; September 6, the Department of Internal Security of the Federal Security Service Directorate initiated a criminal case for swindling.

September 14, both suspects were detained. Novikov was arrested at his place, while Krayukhin was in his office during the arrest. Both suspects did not plead guilty.



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