FSB officers search Dagestan's Suleyman-Stalsky district administration

FSB officers search Dagestan's Suleyman-Stalsky district administration

The day before, the administration of Dagestan’s Suleyman-Stalsky district was searched by officers of the FSB central directorate.

As reported by 360 referring to a source in the Republic’s law enforcement bodies, a number of officials are suspected of illegal allocation of land plots, and the district head is suspected of Exceeding Official Powers. According to the municipal district administration’s official website, since 2010, the Suleyman-Stalsky district has been headed by Nariman Abdulmutalibov.

It is reported that during searches, law enforcers seized documents confirming violations of the law in the allocation of land.

Earlier this week, officers from the FSB central directorate conducted searches at the plants for the production of mineral and non-carbonated water Rychal-Su and Mever in Kasumkent, the center of Suleyman-Stalsky district. Financial statements were seized from the offices of the company controlled by former Mayor of Derbent, Imam Yaraliev.

To recall, an anti-corruption purge, which started in January 2018 when several members of the Dagestani government were arrested, now continues in Dagestan. In a month, the commission of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office initiated 71 criminal cases and revealed 2,431 violations of the law, announcing the systemic nature of the fight against corruption in Dagestan, which the Republic Prosecutor's Office, headed by new Head of the regional supervisory agency Denis Popov, has continued ever since.

Summing up the prosecutor's investigation in Dagestan in February 2018, Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika drew special attention of the Regional Prosecutor's Office to the activities of agencies registering property rights and distributing land, calling this area “the most corrupt.”



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