FSB officers found Nikandrov’s uncdeclared mansion in Moscow Region 

FSB officers found Nikandrov’s uncdeclared mansion in Moscow Region
Nikandrov’s manor in Sofyino Photo: Life

Disguised as workers, FSB officers came to the General’s house to install wiretapping equipment.

Law enforcers have found that the arrested first Deputy Head of the ICR Main Department for Moscow Denis Nikandrov has an undeclared plot of land with real estate in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow Region. The General Nikandrov’s mansion is located in the Sofyino cottage complex, a few kilometers from Moscow on the Novoryazanskoe highway, Life reported. Although it is not the most popular destination among the admirers of suburban real estate, Nikandrov’s choice can be explained by the proximity to his apartment in the Bataisky Proezd in Moscow, which he received from the housing fund of the Investigative Committee.

There are four houses built on the land plot (the main one is a three-story, while the rest are smaller and intended for visitors and workers), farm buildings, a garage for two cars, a swimming pool, and a reflection basin. While the building was being constructed, FSB officers came to the General’s house under the guise of workers and installed wiretapping equipment, Life noted.

The media outlet estimated the cost of this mansion at 100 million rubles, although this information is disputable, since the most expensive land plot there is worth about 2 million rubles. The property alone located at the site is unlikely to cost 98 million.

Nikandrov's house in the Moscow Region Nikandrov's house in the Moscow Region Nikandrov's house in the Moscow Region
Подпись к фото Photo: Life
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The land and the buildings are registered on his two young children, a son and a daughter, Life wrote. However, according to the Federal Law № 273 "On Combating the Corruption," property registered on minor children must be declared. Otherwise, the employee is to be fired. It is worth noting that back in July 2016, when Nikandrov, Maksimenko and Lamonov had just been detained, the Moskva agency reported that one of the reasons for the inspection had been the income declaration of a family member of one of the detainees.

Nikandrov’s official declaration contains only an apartment of 55 square meters, shared with his wife and children. He claimed that in 2015 he had received a total of 3.3 million rubles. His spouse earned another 2.8 million rubles. She also has a parking space of 17 square meters. But the family had no car for it.

Previously, the CrimeRussia already reported that a member of the General’s family has another apartment on the Volgogradsky Prospekt, which is not listed in the declaration, while Nikandrov is registered there. Moreover, the previous owner of the apartment went missing under mysterious circumstances. The General’s service apartment also has a history with a twist. The owner of a two-room apartment in the Bataisky Proezd terminated his registration in 2008, moved to the city of Velikie Luki in the Pskov Region, and then died. Following these events, a previously convicted citizen Dmitry Antipov registered the apartment on himself at the request of local lawmaker Mikhail Shmyrev. After this dubious transaction, the Investigative Committee purchased the apartment and transferred it to Nikandrov. Investigators are also checking the information about the general’s relation with the so-called gang of black realtors, which included members of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department.



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