FSB officer got 6-year term for deception of his childhood friend

FSB officer got 6-year term for deception of his childhood friend

After fulfilling a promise to close a criminal case against a famous businessman, given to his son, the Federal Security Service (FSB) field investigator tried to return the money, but it was already late.

The Krasnodar garrison military court found officer of the Federal Security Service Aleksey Ivanov guilty in the case of swindle for 10 million rubles ($167 thousand) and sentenced him to six years of imprisonment, Interfax reports. In particular, the former employee of intelligence agencies is accused of part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (large scale Swindling). Besides, the court obliged Ivanov to pay a penalty of 800 thousand rubles.

According to the investigators, Aleksey Ivanov demanded a bribe from one of authoritative local businessmen Vasily Stepanyan, who was a member of an inner circle of thief in law Armen Arutyunyan. For 10 million rubles ($167 thousand), the officer promised to terminate criminal investigation against the businessman.

Ivanov was amicable with the businessman's son Mikhail Stepanyan since his childhood, but, according to him, during the service in FSB he broke up all contacts with him.

According to the case papers, renewal of communication between Aleksey Ivanov and Vasily Stepanyan was connected to the fact that by the nature of his service Ivanov was engaged in expeditious ‘developments’ of criminal ‘authorities’ of the region among which there was also Armen Kanevskoy. However, after a while, old friends began to communicate again. It happened after the contract murder committed in September of the 2010th year in Krasnodar of 50-year-old businessman Timur Sadoyan, which was first connected with the attempt at Ded Hasan (Grandpa Hasan) in Moscow - the investigation believed that the thief in law and the businessman had common business interests.

Vasily Stepanyan who was suspected of transfer of mobile phones to the killers became one of the defendants of the Sadonyan’s criminal case. Within legal investigation of the case at the beginning of 2011, his house and his office were searched, after what Sadoyan fled to Ukraine, declaring his innocence before departure.

After Vasily Stepanyan was put on the wanted list, his son and employee of FSB Ivanov reconnected. It is not clear yet, on whose initiative the reconnection happened. Both are pointing to each other. 



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