FSB General Tkachev brings another investigator to hospital

FSB General Tkachev brings another investigator to hospital
Eduard Kaburneev

Last week, Bastrykin was hospitalized.

The Head of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee, Eduard Kaburneev, had to call an ambulance. He got sick after a conversation with the ICR Head, Alexander Bastrykin. According to some reports, the conversation was about the case of the ex-Head of the Serpukhov district, Alexander Shestun.

Meanwhile, the issue of initiating proceedings on Shestun’s statement against the Head of the FSB Department K, Ivan Tkachev, is at stake in the Main Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee. According to some reports, there is no corpus delicti for the initiation of proceedings.

Recall that Bastrykin had a conversation with some influential people about General Tkachev. After an emotional discussion that took place on August 5, Bastrykin was hospitalized, according to the Telegram channel VChK-OGPU.

Sources said that on July 31 FSB officers came to the ICR, it initiated a showdown. The reason was the results of the verification of materials received from the Moscow Military Investigation Department on Shestun’s statement that General Tkachev and his subordinates extorted bribes from the official.

It is also known that immediately after Bastrykin’s emotional conversation with Kaburneev, the ICR Head went on vacation for three weeks.



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