FSB exposed corruption gang issuing certificates of disability for bribes

FSB exposed corruption gang issuing certificates of disability for bribes

The ICR in the Rostov region asks phoney invalids to voluntarily inform about this in order to avoid criminal liability.⁠

In the course of the FSB special operation in Rostov-on-Don, it turned out that thousands of pseudo-invalids with Rostov certificates had scattered around the country. This is reported by the source of Komsomolskaya Pravda. Security officers have found that in the General Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise, which reports directly to the Russian Ministry of Labor and has more than fifty branches in the regional center and in the municipalities of the region, and determines the degree of disability (including for military offices) and the loss of working capacity, there was organized the real corruption gang. Its participants took the issuance of fake certificates of disability to the assembly line, for bribe.

Beginning in 2010 and up to the present, corrupt officials stamped false documents for bribes. For these years, according to the FSB, ten thousand forged documents proving the fact of disability were issued. On the basis of such certificates, pseudo-disabled people received social benefits and many other benefits. It is noteworthy that such certificates came even from other regions.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, one of the subordinates of the main expert of the bureau has already testified against his boss and his deputy. He admitted that he was also in the mix and only in the last 4 years he earned 4 million rubles ($69.050), and the car that he registered for the relative of his boss.

Participants of the corruption gang face up from 8 to 15 years of prison and fines.

At the moment investigators decided to directly appeal to citizens who used the services of corrupt officials.

“Citizens who personally or through other persons transferred illegal monetary compensation to officials of the Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in the Rostov region, we suggest to report on these facts, - said Galina Gagalaeva, the official representative of the regional department of the ICR. - These applications can be submitted to the ICR. In accordance with the explanatory note to Art. 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, a person who has given a bribe is released from criminal liability if he/she actively contributed to the disclosure and investigation of a crime, or after the commission of a crime voluntarily informed the body entitled to initiate a criminal case of the committed crime.”



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