FSB does not find $1 mln and its owner in case of bribe from Shakro Molodoy to ICR employees 

FSB does not find $1 mln and its owner in case of bribe from Shakro Molodoy to ICR employees
Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy)

The name of the final owner of a large sum, intended for the release of the criminal authority Andrey Kochyukov (Italyanets) from the jail, is still unknown to the FSB investigation. $1 mln was not found at the defendants either.

Investigators of the Federal Security Service (FSB) never managed to officially establish the owner of $1 million received by the employees of the ICR as a bribe for mitigating the article of the prosecution and release from custody the crime lord Andrey Kochyukov (Italyanets). Rosbalt reports this with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies.

According to the source of the agency, the materials of the criminal case indicate that employees of the Investigative Committee received a bribe of $ 1 million. It is noted, however, that the money, transferred by the businessman-fixer Dmitry Smychkovsky, belonged not to him but to "an unidentified person". However, in the investigation materials, there is no official information about the third person, in whose interests Smychkovsky, who is on the wanted list now, acted.

The investigation knows about the bribe-taker only that he is a large businessman, a native of Armenia. Some data about him, Rosbalt notes, is contained in the testimony of Denis Nikandrov, the former deputy head of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for Moscow. In particular, Nikandrov said during the interrogation that Smychkovsky had informed him of the name of the owner of the money, but Nikandrov did not remember him, saying only that he had an Armenian second name.

Denis Nikandrov

In addition, according to Nikandrov, through Smychkovsky's intermediary, the bribe-taker did not demand a refund after an unsuccessful attempt to release Kochuykov, because "he understands that Drymanov and Maksimenko did everything they could, and he does not want to quarrel with them." In the materials of "wiretapping," there is also a record of Smychkovsky's conversation with Maksimenko, where the names of two bribers are named – the first transferred $500,000 and the second $1 million. The name of one of them, acting in the interests of the thief in law Zakhary Kalashov, is a name of a member of the Forbes list, also of Armenian origin, but it is impossible to state unequivocally that he owns that $1mln.

The lack of the bribe-taker in the criminal case significantly hinders the work of the investigation, the source of the agency notes, since the money for the release of Kochyukov was never found during the searches at the accused.

Recall that senior members of the ICR Mikhail Maksimenko, Alexander Lamonov, and Denis Nikandrov were arrested on suspicion of taking bribes from Shakro Molodoy in the summer of 2016.

Soon the thief in law himself got behind bars in the case of extortion from the owner of the restaurant Elements Zhanna Kim. In the course of the investigation, the number of defendants in the criminal case became bigger. The last arrested in the summer of 2018 was the former Head of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for Moscow, Alexander Drymanov. According to the investigation, the former Head of the Main Directorate for Interagency Cooperation and Internal Security of the Investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko, the former Head of the Investigative Department of the ICR for the Central Administrative District of Moscow Aleksey Kramarenko, and the ex-head of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for Moscow General Alexander Drymanov, as well as his deputy Denis Nikandrov, received $ 1 million for help in freeing Shakro's assistant – Andrey Kochuykov, nicknamed Italyanets. Kochuykov was detained after a firefight on December 15, 2015, near the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow.

Andrey Kochuykov

Aleksey Kramarenko gives testimony to the investigation but assures that he did not receive any money and released Kochuykov at the direction of his leaders – Nikandrov and Drymanov. Drymanov and Maksimenko refuse to testify.

Mikhail Maksimenko has already been sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment by the court. He was also recently charged with other criminal incidents. Alexander Lamonov also concluded a pre-trial agreement and received five years in prison with a fine of 32.5 million rubles ($480,000). On August 16, Denis Nikandrov, who collaborated with the investigation, was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison.



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