FSB detains Nefteyugansk mayor after searches

FSB detains Nefteyugansk mayor after searches
Sergei Degtyarev, the Mayor of Nefteyugansk

Sergei Degtyarev is suspected of abuse of authority.

The mayor of Nefteyugansk, Sergei Degtyarev, was detained after FSB and the ICR officers raided his office, URA.ru reports with reference to its sources.

According to the report, the mayor is charged with exceeding official authority and bribery. The investigation is conducted by the head office of the Investigative Committee and the Federal Security Service, the source said.

It also stated that the charges are associated with the controversial situation around a plot of land in microdistrict 9A, where almost 50.000 square meters were sold to a Moscow company called Technologii Sovremennogo Upravleniya ("Technologies of modern management").

With the cadastral value of the asset of almost 250 million rubles, the enterprise somehow bought it with a little more than 1 million, at a price of 24 rubles per square meter. In this regard, law enforcement officers had many questions for Degtyarev.

 “He tried to declare the deal illegal, and then withdraw the lawsuit. There is a theory that it was for lobbying the developer’s interests that he was given the bribe,” the source said.

The press services of the ICR and the FSB for the Tyumen Region have not yet commented on the situation. The head of the city, Sergei Degtyarev, has not been returning calls to both cellular phone and the work one.

The press service of the mayor's office denied the arrest reports saying that the head of the city is in his workplace.



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