FSB detains National Guard doctors in case of false diagnoses

FSB detains National Guard doctors in case of false diagnoses

Doctors received marked bills from a soldier.

The FSB officers detained doctors of the National Guard’s Main Military Clinical Hospital on suspicion of accepting bribes for making false diagnoses. The ICR’s Military Investigation Directorate for the Balashikha Garrison initiated a criminal case against three doctors. At the time of the investigation, the doctors were suspended from work, RBC writes.

According to the investigators, the doctors received bribes from servicemen who wanted to leave the service for health reasons. During the operational experiment, the surgeon agreed to diagnose a person with stomach ulcer for 350,000 rubles ($ 5,500). Upon receipt of the first part of the agreed amount, the FSB officers detained the surgeon and made him cooperate.

Under the control of the security forces, the surgeon handed over the marked bills through two intermediaries to the head of diagnostics of the gastroenterology department, who told about the involvement of the head of the department.

The investigators charged two heads of the gastroenterology department with a bribe-taking (part 5 of Article 290 CCRF), and three mediators were charged with fraud, as they could not solve the issue on their own, but they assigned 200,000 rubles ($ 3,100) from the bribe of 150,000 rubles ($ 2,300) agreed with gastroenterologists.



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