FSB detained director of largest Russian trolleybus plant

FSB detained director of largest Russian trolleybus plant
Ivan Kotvitsky

The General Director of Trolza plant, Ivan Kotvitsky, is suspected of giving a bribe to a tax inspector.

Engels, Saratov region, saw employees of the ICR and FSB detaining Ivan Kotvitsky, the General Director of Trolza trolleybus plant, local media Versiya-Saratov and Vzglyad-Info report citing law enforcement sources.

It is reported that Kotvitsky is being checked for involvement in a possible bribe-giving to a tax inspector in 2015. According to the source of Vzglyad-Info, this refers to a sum of $ 3 million. The source also added that the inspector that received the bribe resigned from the tax service about two years ago.

Both publications report that the operation to detain Kotvitsky was carried out by officers of the FSB and ICR for the Saratov region. Officially, the security forces did not confirm the detention of the businessman.

It is also noted that at the end of February the plant employees were sent on vacation due to the lack of orders. Subsequently, the Ministry of Industry of the region reported that production was resumed.

Trolza is the largest trolleybus manufacturer in Russia. The company's website reads that in 2016 the plant produced more than 66 thousand trolley buses. This makes the company first in the world concerning this indicator. The products of the plant are used by 19 countries and 89 cities of Russia. Representatives of the company declined to comment on reports of the arrest of its CEO.



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