FSB detained Chelyabinsk investigator running major officials' cases

 FSB detained Chelyabinsk investigator running major officials' cases

Alexander Kozlov was caught red-handed when taking a bribe of 4 million rubles.⁠

Investigator of the Chelyabinsk ICR Alexander Kozlov was detained by the FSB while receiving a bribe of 4 million rubles ($66.350). In addition, along with two lawyers, who acted as intermediaries in the transfer of 'fee', were caught. Both lawyers represented the interests of former deputy director of the regional branch of Rostelecom Vasily Prokopenko. According to one of the versions, among the detainees was well-known Chelyabinsk lawyer Alla Bragina. This is reported by Ura.ru.

According to the investigation, the purpose of the money was to change the measure of restraint of Prokopenko from the pre-trial detention center for house arrest.

The local FSB office refused to comment on the situation, but the fact of the detention was confirmed in the press service of the Investigative Committee. According to the sources of the publication, Kozlov's detention took place on the night of 8 to 9 July, and on July 10 he was imposed a pre-trial restraint.

Vasily Prokopenko was detained on receiving a bribe of 5 million rubles ($83.000) on the night of September 1, 2016. Despite the fact that he changed jobs and became CEO of the Chelyabinsk Regional Center of Navigation and Information Technologies, he was detained for rendering intermediary services in Rostelecom.

The case of Prokopenko is not the only high-profile case that led Kozlov. Earlier, he was a member of the investigation team in the case of former Senator Tsybko.



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