FSB colonel sentenced for 20 years for providing protection to oil company

FSB colonel sentenced for 20 years for providing protection to oil company
Sergey Gudovany Photo: 63.ru

The security forces officer, along with accomplices, helped the Samara company to avoid checks.

Samara’s District Military Court placed the deputy head of the economic security service of the regional FSB Directorate, Sergey Gudovany, to a maximum security penal colony for 20 years, 63.ru reported from the courtroom.

Gudovany was sentenced for providing protection to an oil company. The FSB officers Pavel Chermashentsev and Alexander Peretochkin, as well as businessmen Aleksey Pashkevich and Sergey Bulatov, are also involved in the case. They were was also convicted and received sentences from four to 10 years. 

In addition, the court deprived Gudovany and Chermashentsev of the ranks of colonels, and also ordered them to pay fines of 90,5 million rubles ($ 1,4 million) and 400,000 rubles ($ 6,000).

As the court and the investigation established, in 2016 the defendants came up with a scheme for “protection” of the oil business. On the initiative of Pashkevich, Gudovany addressed to Oleg Pavlov, the head of the legal department of the company MO TNP, with a proposal to help the company avoid inspections for a fee of 2 million rubles ($ 30,000) a month.

Later, the fee increased – only Chermashentsev and Gudovany were handed over 2.5 million rubles ($ 38,000) a month for two.

The FSB officers were detained in April 2018. During searches in Gudovany’s house 80 million rubles ($ 1,3 million) and weapons were found. Gudovany was accused of bribe-taking (part 6 of Article 290 CCRF), illegal possession of firearms (part 1 of Article 222 CCRF), illegal possession of explosives (part 1 of Article 222.1 CCRF) and swindling (part 4 of Article 159 CCRF). Chermashentsev was charged only with swindling.



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