FSB cleaning up Sverdlovsk Administration for Economic Safety and Combatting Corruption according to scenario of General Sugrobov’s gang

FSB cleaning up Sverdlovsk Administration for Economic Safety and Combatting Corruption according to scenario of General Sugrobov’s gang
Alexander Kosman, special agent of Economic Security in Industry Department

Detention of four employees of the (UEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) in the Sverdlovsk region last week became part of a large-scale ‘cleanup’ of fighters with economic crime in the MIA, jointly conducted by the regional departments of the Investigative Committee and the FSB in Yekaterinburg.⁠

The investigators of the departments massively summon UEBiPK employees to testify in the framework of several criminal cases, the defendants of which are operatives of the department.

Sverdlovsk region MIA UEBiPK officers Alexey Vorlinsky, Alexey Kosman, Nikolay Zhukov and Evgeny Kulin were detained on June 27 for provocation of bribe (police officers call such anti-corruption agents "torpedoes"). Then the charge in their criminal cases was changed for Exceeding Official Powers.

According to the investigation, the police tried to organize bribe-taking by the Head of the Supervision Department in the Field of Use and Protection of Water Objects, Land Supervision of the Department of the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service in the Urals Federal District, Anton Lobanov, through a local businessman. On June 30, the Leninskiy Court of Yekaterinburg announced a preventive measure for them in the form of house arrest, although initially it was planned to imprison them.


Alexey Verlinsky in the court

Ura.ru reports with reference to its own source close to the investigation, at present the issue of combining four criminal cases into one – on Creation of a Criminal Community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code) is being addressed. In late April ex-chief of the MIA GUEBiPK, Lieutenant-General Denis Sugrobov and two dozen of his subordinates were sentenced to various terms from 17 to 22 years in a strict-security colony in Moscow in a criminal case under a similar article. Depending on their roles, they were charged with Creation of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and Exceeding Official Powers (part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code).


Denis Sugrobov

It is worth noting that earlier the FSB in the region constantly detained UEBiPK employees on suspicion of involvement in a number of crimes for a year. In August 2016, while receiving a part of a bribe in the amount of 200 thousand rubles ($3.3 thousand) through an intermediary, senior officer for particularly important cases of the MIA UEBiPK of the Sverdlovsk Region, Lieutenant Colonel Evgeny Isaev was detained. In March 2017, the court sentenced him to 3 years in prison for bribe-taking.

In September 2016, the Deputy Head of the Department for Detection of Tax Violations in the Field of Construction and Transport of the UEBiPK, Lieutenant Colonel Maxim Kasatkin was detained red-handed when taking a bribe.


Detention of Kasatkin

In January 2017, as part of the investigation of the case of the founder of Khrabr Club, Nikita Maltsev, the FSB and the ICR conducted searches in the UEBiPK in Yekaterinburg. As a result, another operative of the UEBiPK was detained for his connection with Maltsev, who turned out to be a well-known ‘fixer’. A few months later, the FSB operatives detained officers of the Department on Identifying Crimes in Construction, Raiding and Criminal Bankruptcy, the newspaper notes.

It should be mentioned that, in addition to the FSB and the ICR, employees of the Department of Internal Security of the MIA in the Sverdlovsk region are also working on the fact of detentions at the UEBiPK. It is known that the Internal Security Department is conducting an inspection of the personnel of the Sverdlovsk UEBiPK.

Meanwhile, some employees of the Sverdlovsk MIA interpret the investigation of the FSB in the Anti-Corruption Department as an attempt to influence the forthcoming personnel decisions within the police headquarters. Several weeks ago, by the decree of the Russian president, Deputies of the Chief of the Main Directorate of the MIA of the Russian Federation for the Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Borodin – Major-General Victor Berdnikov and Vladimir Romanyuk – were dismissed from the posts. Currently, nominees for these vacant positions are being considered.



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