FSB caught Maksimenko through use of wire installed in samovar

FSB caught Maksimenko through use of wire installed in samovar
Mikhail Maksimenko Photo: Artem Korotaev/TASS

Later, the Investigative Committee employee said that he had discovered wires, but did not take any action in order to convince the investigators that he was "normal and did not take bribes."

The operatives learned about Maksimenko was taking bribes from the people of the kingpin Zakhar Kalashov through wires in a samovar, which they themselves presented to the ICR employee. This was announced at a hearing in the Moscow City Court, where, according to Kommersant, persons of interest in the corruption case - the Head of the Main Directorate of Interdepartmental Cooperation and Private Security of the ICR Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Lamonov and the first Deputy Head of ICR Main Investigative Directorate in Moscow Denis Nikandrov declared search activities, carried out by the FSB, illegal. Moreover, according to the accused, data obtained during the wiretapping does not prove their involvement in a crime in any way.

The permission to conduct this kind of operational activities was given by the Supreme Court Chairman of the Judicial Board on Cases of Military Servants Igor Krupnov in late December of the last year, a week after the shootout at the Elements restaurant on the Rochdelskaya Street.

Moreover, the unfortunate samovar with the FSB logo and the words "Department M" was once presented to Maksimenko by FSB officers. In addition to the samovar, the FSB installed listening devices in Maksimenko’s apartment and office. He himself was at that time in the hospital, due to aggravated illness, obtained earlier during the service.

As Maksimenko told after his detention, he managed to find wires, but he did not take any action in order to convince the investigators that he was "normal and did not take bribes."

Nevertheless, according to a recording made in March this year, in Maksimenko’s conversation with Nikandrov, the latter said that changed the investigator working on the case of detainees on the Rochdelskaya Street for family reasons. However, the investigation believes that Nikandrov removed him from the case because he was against commutation of sentence for Shakro Young’s assistants. Also, in the materials of search activities, a figure of 500 thousand is mentioned, but without specifying the currency. It is to be recalled that this is the dollar amount appearing in the case as a bribe.

Maksimenko discussed the financial issue with Lamonov as well, saying that of 500 thousand allocated 200 should be given to Kramar. Perhaps, it was the Head of the ICR Department for the Central District of Moscow Alexey Kramarenko, who these days is a witness in the case. At the same time, as reported by sources of the publication, Maksimenko then was deliberately bluffing and did not have any money. Thus, he was just trying to provoke the FSB searches in the course of which suspicions would vanish.

On the other records, ICR employees complained to each other that they were besieged from all sides and are being slowly crushed, and are being reported on to Bortnikov and Bastrykin that they "took the side of the criminals." At that, the defendants consider their case resulting from the conflict between the ICR and the FSB.



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