FSB beсomes interested in expensive sausages for Rosgvardia earlier than Anti-Corruption Foundation

FSB beсomes interested in expensive sausages for Rosgvardia earlier than Anti-Corruption Foundation

The contract for the supply of products from a single supplier - the meat factory Druzhba Narodov was called “economically unprofitable and corruption-intensive.”

The main military prosecutor’s office checks the information about the possible supply of food to Rosgvardia at inflated prices. The meat factory Druzhba Narodov, selected by the only executor of food purchases for Rosgvardia, was also subjected to verification. According to RBC, Rosgvardia, having received an order for the supply of 20 tons of wieners and 20 tons of sausages, signed a contract with

Meleuzovski meat factory, which, in turn, bought products from Gatchinski meat factory. It turned out that the Meleuzovski meat factory supplied sausages for Druzhba Narodov factory at a price of 260 rubles and wieners - 270 rubles per kilogram (this cost also included the cost of delivering the goods to the consignee).

Druzhba Narodov took from Rosgvardia 350 rubles per kilogram for the same sausages and wieners. At the same time, the Gatchinski meat factory had previously been the supplier of Rosgvardia and supplied sausages at a price of 215.9 rubles, and wieners - 197.73 rubles.

On May 8, 2018, the head of the Federal Security Service Department for Rosgvardia, Colonel V.A. Vertey, drew attention to the dubious procurement, reported in a letter to the deputy head of the FAS, Daniel Fesyuk, and offered to conduct a joint inspection of the procurement department of the Druzhba Narodov factory. Vertey concluded that “having the status of a sole supplier of economic entities, operating in markets with a developed competitive environment, does not have sufficient experience and production capacity, is inappropriate, economically unprofitable, and corruption-intensive.”

The Druzhba Narodov enterprise became the single supplier of food for Rosgvardia in connection with the government decree of December 2, 2017. As the director of Rosgvardia, Viktor Zolotov, noted in a letter to Putin, the meat processing plant has a developed production and technological base for manufacturing a full range of food products, has many years of experience in food supplies and a positive reputation in the market.

The total amount of contracts concluded with a sole supplier Druzhba Narodov amounts to 8 billion rubles, told RBK’s source familiar with the FAS audit materials. 

In November, the antimonopoly service initiated a case of evidence of an offense.

In August, 2018, the Anti-Corruption foundation also told about the inflated prices for the supply of products for Rosgvardia. Aleksey Navalny said that Boris Kantemirov, the former head of the Central Archive of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (now Rosgvardia), is the ultimate owner of Meat Processing Plant Druzhba Narodov.

In response to allegations of corruption, Zolotov challenged Navalny to a duel, and he chose television debates as weapons. The head of

Rosgvardia refused to participate, saying he would challenge the head of the Anti-Corruption foundation “to something different.”



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