FSB 'banking' department staff may face charges for getting money for patronage

FSB 'banking' department staff may face charges for getting money for patronage
Dmitri Frolov in court

Deductions to Kirill Cherkalin, Dmitri Frolov and Andrei Vasiliyev were paid among others by Trust Bank and Jugra Bank.

Kirill Cherkalin, Dmitri Frolov and Andrei Vasiliyev, employees of the 2nd Unit of K Department of the FSB, may be charged with receiving monthly deductions from owners and managers of large banks for patronage, Rosbalt reports, citing a source familiar with the investigation.

Earlier it was reported that the former owner of Jugra Bank Alexei Khotin admitted that he had paid Cherkalin deductions for “resolving issues related to criminal cases against enterprises and persons affiliated with him” for three years. The FSB officer was detained after the banker had testified against him.

According to Rosbalt, similar testimonies against employees of the 'banking' department of the FSB have already been given by representatives of Trust Bank. In this case, we are talking about long-term cooperation - more than five years, the agency's source said.

The interlocutor of Rosbalt also noted that the investigation may "have questions" to a number of former employees of the investigative units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “We believe that Frolov, and then Cherkalin actively involved them in their activities, due to which only grunts became defendants in some 'banking' criminal cases,” said the agency's source.

In case the investigation decides to explore the activity of the employees of the Federal Security Service over the last 10 years, former employee of the USSR’s KGB and the Department for Economic Security of Russia’s MIA Dmitri Tselyakov is expected to become the witness in the case. Tselyakov had repeatedly encountered Frolov during his work and knows him “in not the most flattering light,” the source notes. In particular, Tselyakov says it was Frolov who stopped the investigation of murder of a deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Andrei Kozlov in 2006, after a banker Aleksei Frenkel had been detained. However, the investigators believe that the chain that led to the instigator of the crime did not come off at him. Besides that, Frolov directly asked Tselyakov “not to touch the bank” Creditimpex. Employees of MIA suspected Creditimpex of encashment and siphoning off abroad of billions of rubles.

Besides that, Tselyakov says the last name of Frolov emerged during work on a bank Krainy sever through which about 10 billion rubles ($155 million) had been siphoned off abroad.

In 2011, Dmitri Frolov and Andrei Vasiliyev were accused of theft of assets worth of 490 million rubles ($7.6 million) from a businessman Sergei Glyadelkin. Kirill Cherkalin is being accused of taking a bribe worth of $850 thousand from November, 2013, up to February, 2015, in exchange for protection of a bribe giver. Cash and jewels worth of 12 billion rubles ($185 million) were seized during searches in apartments and offices of Cherkalin, Frolov and Vasiliyev. The investigation believes that the same amount is on accounts of false parties and companies. The money had been kept in apartments owned by the detainees and their safe-deposit boxes. 



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