From bottom to top: ‘brilliant’ Governor Khoroshavin 

From bottom to top: ‘brilliant’ Governor Khoroshavin
Court will consider case of ex-governor Khoroshavin Photo: The CrimeRussia

Case of the former Head of the Sakhalin Region is directed to court. On the eve of loud trial the CrimeRussia remembers the story of the richest governor’s of the Far East falling, his expensive real estate, diamond handles, watch collections and elite cars.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation took to court case papers concerning the ex-governor of the Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavin and his subordinates accused of making of the crimes provided by Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Bribe-Taking) and Art. 174 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Legalization of Money earned in the criminal way).

Alexander Khoroshavin took the post of the Governor of the Sakhalin Region in 2007. In several years he managed to show his dark side - in 2010 Khoroshavin headed the list of the richest governors of the Far East Region. According to official figures, for 2009 he earned more than 5,3 million rubles though he, on his own statements, officially received about 200 thousand rubles a month. Soon the head of the Sakhalin Region continued to gather ‘cons’ - Sakhalin was included into the ‘rating of wastefulness’ of regions constituted by ONF. In particular, activists established that 8 million rubles from the budget were spent for Khoroshavin's car. Besides, 333 million rubles from means of taxpayers were directed to a garage construction for officials. By general calculations of ONF, during the period for 2013−2014 the government of the Sakhalin Region spent for own needs (repair of government buildings and offices, improvement of the territory around the residence of the Governor and the adjacent territories) more than 850 million rubles.

In December, 2013 at a forum of ONF during the conversation with Vladimir Putin the cochairman of the central headquarters of movement Alexander Brechalov reported that Khoroshavin's administration carried out state procurement “Improvement of image of the Governor” for 680 million rubles. Then Putin commented so: "It is the biggest blow to its rating".

Purchase for 680 million rubles on improvement of image of the Governor of Sakhalin

On March 4, 2015 Alexander Khoroshavin was detained by the staff of the Federal Security Service and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in his office. Also his adviser Andrey Ikramov, the assistant Boris Usachev and the head of the secretariat Viacheslav Gorbachev were detained. Searches passed on a place of employment and a residence of the governor, his deputies, assistants and the head of the secretariat; documents and large sums of money were as a result withdrawn. Soon officials were transported under guard to the capital for carrying out investigative actions. The Governor and his confidants were accused of receipt of especially large bribe in the amount of 522 million (!!!) rubles ($9 009 770) during of the conclusion of construction contracts of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk combined heat and power plant No. 1.

При обыске у Хорошавина дома была обнаружена коллекция элитных часов

During search the collection of elite watches was found in Khoroshavin’s house

According to the investigators, money was received for rendering protection for LLC Sakhalin Company Energostroy which won the construction contract. According to investigating officers, the official requested from the head of Energostroy 6% of the amounts which his firm will receive based on monthly acts of the performed works.

On March 25 Alexander Khoroshavin was discharged of a position by the Russian President in connection with loss of trust. Later, on April 27, one more proceedings on a charge of taking of a bribe in the amount of 15 million rubles for the actions connected with allocation of subsidies for support of agricultural producers were initiated against the head of the region.

Также при обыске у экс-губернатора Сахалина был изъят 1 млрд рублей наличными

Also during search 1 billion rubles by cash has been withdrawn from the ex-governor of Sakhalin

Some defendants in the case, in particular, the former Minister of Agriculture and Food of area Nikolay Borisov, have gone to the transaction with the investigation and have given confession. Borisov has told that he became the participant of the scheme on transfer of that bribe of 15 million rubles.

After detention Khoroshavin petitioned for change of a measure of restraint with house arrest, having asked to release him on bail of 5 million. However the investigation has reasonably judged that for him it is possible to put pressure upon objectionable witnesses. Having considered case papers, the court has prolonged to Khoroshavin arrest till February 27, 2017.

Khoroshavin is transported under guard to Moscow

During the investigation, some fact of his extremely magnificent life began to open. At a house search the huge number of cash has been withdrawn from Khoroshavin (93 packs of notes − about 1 billion (!!!) rubles), a collection of elite watches worth about two million dollars and more than 800 units of jewelry, including the gold cross inlaid with rubies and the exclusive pen worth nearly 4,5 million rubles.

Эксклюзивная ручка, обнаруженная при обыске у Хорошавина

This pen drew most of all attention of Internet audience thanks to what some media devoted it separate investigation. Journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda established that the pen's handle is made of gold, and on a cap gemstones laid out the Russia map in colors of the Russian flag. White color is laid out from diamonds (121 pieces), blue – from sapphires (193 pieces), red – from rubies (117 pieces). According to the owner of one of the Moscow boutiques, these luxury goods were one of the first in the Moscow Skeleton PEN series of the Montblanc company. The first circulation constituted only three copies, and was sold only two of them.

Besides, in ownership at the official three apartments in Moscow (a total cost over 450 million rubles) and the elite country real estate which repair cost 130 million rubles were revealed. It is about Khoroshavin's residence in 15 km from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – a three-storyed magnificent mansion to which the unique high-quality road in the city conducts.

After arrest of the official law enforcement authorities began confiscation of his property that caused a new wave of surprise on the Internet. As many government employees, Khoroshavin registered nothing on itself – the main riches were arranged on the wife (from whom he providently got divorced) and on the adult son (who doesn't need to be specified in the declaration). But police officers all the same found hidden. In particular, were arrested the mansion in Rublyovka with an approximate cost of 100 million rubles situated near Moscow belonging to Ilya Khoroshavin – to the official's son, four Moscow apartments in elite housing estates worth from 20 to 60 million rubles, three cars - Bentley, Mercedes, Lexus – a total cost of nearly 25 million rubles.

The cost of all property of the family of Khoroshavin arrested for benefit of the state constitutes over 1.1 billion rubles. It is remarkable that Khoroshavin can not explain an origin of the elite real estate that did not revent them to fight for confiscation cancellation furiously. The lawyer of a family made numerous complaints to actions of investigating officers, and Khoroshavin appealed to the Constitution and Russian President Vladimir Putin. However all efforts of defenders were vain – the multimillion property of relatives of the ex-official is already actively sold from the hammer.

Also other juicy details of life of the Sakhalin governor became known. Literally some days before detention Khoroshavin participated in the 12th Krasnoyarsk economic forum lasting three days − from February 26 to February 28. Costs for an action constituted about 30 million rubles, at the same time the head of the region spent about 15 million for own entertainments: by rough calculations, the official spent 200 thousand rubles an hour. Local media found out that it purchased the car of the Lexus brand worth 3 million 285 thousand rubles. It is interesting that Khoroshavin purchased the car not for himself, and for the beginning model of Sasha Medvedskaya which for three days accompanied him at a forum. It is remarkable that right after detention of the governor the girl sold the car almost for 3 million rubles. Three million in three days – quite good earnings for 27-year model. But it is only a part of the governor's expenses. For the period of the forum the official with the adviser stayed at numbers luxury at the most expensive hotel of the city – Oktyabrskaya in which one meal can cost about 100 thousand rubles – the Mediterranean crab, for example, costs 35 thousand rubles. Around the city Khoroshavin moved in a magnificent limousine which lease for three days cost half a million rubles.

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On February 20, 2017 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk court hearings in the matter of the ex-Governor began. Judicial session takes place behind closed doors. If the court will consider participants of case guilty, threatens Khoroshavin and his subordinates up to 15 years of prison depending on weight of the committed crime.



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