Friends of Russian Railways ex-CEO and toys they play with

Friends of Russian Railways ex-CEO and toys they play with
Boris Usherovich and one of his "toys"

The CrimeRussia found out that people from Vladimir Yakunin's close circle own expensive three-deck yachts.

There was quite a scandal around the fur coat storage facility discovered on the land of then head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. However, there is only circumstantial evidence of how he could make enough money to buy the luxurious estate. Still, there is a lot more information on the ways Yakunin's friends made their money.

An extensive journalistic inquiry revealed that various companies belonging to Yakunin's inner circle would get billion-ruble state contracts from Russian Railways. Andrei Krapivin would manage all the operations with the help of Yuri Obodovsky, Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich.

One can see just how much the above-mentioned persons earned by the things they would spend it on. CrimeRussia’s sources said that Usherovich is very fond of his 42-meter yacht that quarters the Mediterranean Sea, and is willing to spend up to half a billion euros a year to service it. This is just an example.

The corruption stories in the Russian Railways under Yakunin surfaced in our memory when Sweden authorities arrested Russian citizen Yevgeny Pavlov, an employee of a branch of Canadian company Bombardier. Three more board directors of the Swedish branch are suspects in a bribery case.

After the first court hearings it became clear that the Swedish branch of the leading machine-building giant was conquering the Post-Soviet market through bribes and kickbacks, as well as using shell companies affiliated with Yakunin's friends.

After all, if Yakunin himself can afford a dacha of several dozen hectares that apart from the fur coat storage facility has some forests and lakes, a luxurious mansion, a 15-car garage, servants' quarters, a sauna and a real 50-meter pool, is it so odd that one of his many friends would own a yacht? Read the details of its appearance and costs of maintenance in our exclusive story tomorrow.



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