French teacher suspected of giving bribe to Togliatti policeman

French teacher suspected of giving bribe to Togliatti policeman
Gurvan Le Gall

Le Figaro notes that there are a number of oddities in the case.

“To plead guilty and be deported to France or to persevere in proving innocence in the face of Kafkaesque justice?” A 40-year-old French teacher, Gurvan Le Gall, who has been in pre-trial detention in Togliatti since March 21, has faced such a dilemma,” the French newspaper Le Figaro writes.

According to the publication, Le Gall left the cafe with a Russian friend when the police took him on the hook. The Frenchman could not understand the essence of the claims against him, and a friend advised him to pay a fine of 15 thousand rubles in cash on the spot. Gurvan Le Gall put this money on the seat of a police car.

“A dozen FSB fighters arrived within twenty minutes. They took my friend somewhere. They took my phone, and a French translator arrived very quickly. In the middle of the night! ” says the Frenchman, assuming that it was a frame-up in which his Russian friend Leonid Antipov was involved. He denies his relation to the bribe.

Le Figaro notes that there are some oddities in the case: the main witness, a policeman, unexpectedly resigned, and the site of the Le Gall online school French Teachers was blocked. Also, court hearings are continuously adjourned. A French citizen also complained of constant searches in the pre-trial detention center, nit-picking and the inability to contact his family.



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