Fraudulent lawyer prosecuted in Voronezh

Fraudulent lawyer prosecuted in Voronezh

In Voronezh the police initiated a criminal case against a 41-year-old lawyer in connection with an attempted swindling on a large scale.

A criminal case under part 3 of Art. 30 and part 3 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code has been instituted.

The investigative authorities found that in the late evening on Thursday, August 18, while seating in his car parked in Levoberezhny district of Voronezh, the 41-year-old lawyer received a large sum of money from a woman, which was part of 900 thousand rubles he had embezzled. As it was found by the law enforcement officers, he had fraudulently taken possession of this amount for the adoption of illegal decisions on criminal cases.

The law enforcers detained the lawyer at the crime scene immediately after he had received the money. Employees of the Investigative Committee for the Voronezh region and experts from the regional Federal Security Service Directorate took part in his exposing and detention.

While investigating the crime scene, the law enforcement officers seized the money received by the suspect. During the interrogation, the culprit made a detailed confession statement in respect of the committed crime.

Currently, the investigating authorities continue to conduct a series of relevant activities and establish all the circumstances of the crime. The criminal investigation continues; the experts from the regional Federal Security Service Directorate are working on formalizing the evidence base.



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