Four-storey apartment and mansion worth $ 46 million. How does pension of Gazprom’s former deputy chairman Golubev look like 

Four-storey apartment and mansion worth $ 46 million. How does pension of Gazprom’s former deputy chairman Golubev look like
Valery Golubev

The former employee of the KGB and Sobchak’s city administration received luxury property on Rublyovka from his 19-year-old son.

Former deputy chairman of Gazprom’s Board Valery Golubev retired as the owner of a luxurious mansion with an area of about 3,800 sq.m. and worth more than 3 billion rubles ($ 46 million). The land and the building belong to his son Vyacheslav Golubev, 23, for four years now. His wife Tatyana owns a four-story apartment of 460 sq.m. worth about 360 million rubles ($ 5,5 million). This information is stated in the investigation of Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK).


“We counted to the full – took into account any [possible] additional rewards, and it turned out that for his entire career at Gazprom, Golubev could earn 2-2.5 billion ($ 30-38 million). A huge amount, but it is not enough even for the mega-construction site and 5 hectares of land on the Rublyovka,” Navalny says.

On the territory of the five hectares plot on Rublevka, the FBK’s drone has recorded a two-storey mansion, tennis court, swimming pool, a huge underground garage with direct access to the house, a greenhouse and a sauna complex. In addition, FBK found an apartment in Moscow’s Presnya district with an area of 200 sq.m. and another in Khamovniki with an area of 260 sq.m., registered in the name of Golubev’s daughter Olga, and a land plot in the south-west of Moscow with an area of almost 1.5 hectares. In the house on the Kamenny Island in St. Petersburg, where the members of the Ozero cooperative bought apartments, Golubev's wife purchased a four-storey living space.


Tatyana Golubeva.

FBK noted that Tatyana Golubeva, who worked as a physics teacher, after her husband's transfer to Gazprom, engaged in business: supplied large diameter pipes to the gas company’s contractors. And Yevgeny Kytin, who was registered with the married couple, became a shareholder in REP Holding, the largest manufacturer and supplier of turbines and gas pumping units for Gazprom.


Yevgeny Kytin.

Valery Golubev joined Gazprom in 2003. Previously he served in the KGB, worked for mayor Anatoly Sobchak, was the head of the Vasileostrovsky District, chairman of the tourism committee, and briefly represented the Leningrad Region in the Federation Council.



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