Former Yoshkar-Ola mayor sentenced for bribes

Former Yoshkar-Ola mayor sentenced for bribes

The city court found the official guilty of illegal business and receiving bribes and sentenced him to ten years in a strict-regime colony.

On September 6, the city court of Yoshkar-Ola pleaded guilty to 41-year-old former Mayor Pavel Plotnikov. The official was charged with taking bribes and conducting illegal business. The court concluded that Plotnikov through a trustee managed two companies at once, assisting them in obtaining contracts.

Plotnikov, according to investigators, was engaged in illegal entrepreneurship for 10 years, beginning in 2005. Together with the businessman Aleksandr Turuev he created two real estate companies.

Starting in 2012, the company Stolitsa-Stroy, the founder of which was Plotnikov's mother-in-law, received plots for construction without any competition and rent. Thus, for example, it won a tender for the construction of a multi-story house on a plot of 9,000 square meters. Investigators found that in 2010, Plotnikov received three garages worth more than one million rubles from Turuev. In exchange, the ex-mayor issued a permit for the construction of a large garage complex.

By 2014, the company Stolitsa-Stroy owned assets of 400 million rubles. However, at some point the criminal tandem had disagreements. The official began to deny construction permits, as well as to require the merchant to pay the rent. Then Turuev decided to order the murder of the mayor but fell into the field of view of the siloviki. The businessman was detained for attempted murder and sentenced to 8 years.

And at the end of 2015, the Plotnikov became a suspect himself. In connection with the loss of confidence, he was sent into retirement.

The city court sentenced him to ten years in a strict-regime colony. It also ordered a fine of 17 million rubles. Plotnikov did not recognize the guilt and said that he would appeal the verdict to a higher authority.

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