Former Udmurt Head confesses he broke law to get out of jail

Former Udmurt Head confesses he broke law to get out of jail
Aleksandr Soloviev

Aleksandr Soloviev defense lawyers failed to establish as to what exactly their client meant.

The former Head of Udmurtia Aleksandr Soloviev accused of taking bribes of 140 million rubles ($2.5m), said in court that he violated the law.

"Yes, I have violated the law, but I am asking you now not to punish me, because I do not know if I will wake up in the cell on the morning," Tass quoted Soloviev.

The lawyers could not explain what they heard from the client.

"We do not know what he meant by law violation," said Irina Pikaleva, one of the lawyers.

Meanwhile, the Moscow City Court refused to satisfy the motion from one of the official’s attorneys, who asked to release Soloviev from custody and put him under house arrest.

"To leave the decision of imprisonment unchanged," the judge announced.

We should add that Aleksandr Soloviev did not use to complain about the conditions he was held in before, although doctors insisted that one of the oldest prisoners of the detention center should be transferred to Matrosskaya Tishina’s hospital.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously, the Moscow Basmanny Court jailed Soloviev for two months on April 4. The former official is charged with bribery: he got about 140 million rubles for an urgent budget payment of works related to the construction of bridges across river Kam and river Bui in the republic, according to the preliminary version.



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