Former tax inspector in Moscow receives 9 years for $350.000-bribe

Former tax inspector in Moscow receives 9 years for $350.000-bribe

Pyotr Baranov will serve his sentence in maximum security penal colony.

The Court in Moscow found former tax inspector Pyotr Baranov guilty of bribe taking in 20 million rubles ($351.000), sentencing him to nine years in maximum security penal colony, reports the Moscow Agency.

Besides, the court obliged Baranov to pay a penalty of 500 million rubles ($8.7m) in the income of the state, and also deprived ex-inspector of the right to hold positions in bodies of tax administration within three years.

As the investigation found, in November, 2015 during exit tax audit of FK Grand Capital LLC of Baranov found a number of violations. Then the former inspector suggested head of the company “to resolve the issue” by means of 20 million rubles, otherwise the convict threatened to additionally accrue the amount of taxes and fees to the businessman in the amount of 130 million rubles ($2.2m).

Baranov was detained on March 25, 2016 during bribe taking.



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