Former security officer admits transferring bribe to former head of CSKA

Former security officer admits transferring bribe to former head of CSKA

The investigation included the Olympic champion and the chief of staff of the Eastern Military District as witnesses.

Actor Aleksey Ogurtsov, who served in the KGB and other law enforcement agencies for about 20 years, admitted mediation in transferring a bribe to the former head of CSKA Mikhail Baryshev. The latter accused of receiving two bribes totaling 23.5 million rubles ($ 370,000). Ogurtsov’s testimony became key for Baryshev’s prosecution, TASS reports, citing a source close to the investigation. 

“Baryshev was arrested immediately after actor Alexey Ogurtsov testified against him as a person whom, according to him, he was handing the bribe,” the news agency quoted the source as saying.

According to the investigation, Ogurtsov informed a representative of the Night Hockey League uniform supplier Forward to give Baryshev a bribe in order to receive a contract for making uniforms for the Military World Games in Sochi in 2017, after which he organized a meeting of the parties. 

The witnesses in the case, according to TASS, are Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina, whom Baryshev allegedly promised material assistance, and Lieutenant General Alexander Chayko, the head of the headquarters of the Eastern Military District.

On October 11, a military court will consider the request of the state prosecution to extend Baryshev’s custody terms. The colonel tried to escape. According to him, he lost hope for a fair trial and wanted to die from a bullet.



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