Former prosecutor arrested red-handed when taking 2.5-mln-bribe in Naro-Fominsk

Former prosecutor arrested red-handed when taking 2.5-mln-bribe in Naro-Fominsk

Honored employee of the City Prosecutor's Office presented herself to the businessmen as rainmaker, able to resolve their problem using her connections in the supervisory agency.

A criminal case against former Naro-Fominsk Deputy Head Tatyana Semenkova has been initiated in the Moscow region.

As Life reports, she is suspected of extorting a large bribe from the heads of Podmoskovye LLC, defendants in a criminal case on suspicion of swindling in the sale of land plots.

According to investigation, Semenkova herself offered to solve the entrepreneurs’ problems with the law using her remaining connections in the Prosecutor's Office, where she had worked for more than 20 years. The rainmaker demanded 2.5 million rubles for her services.

The businessmen reported to the FSB; all further negotiations with Semenkova were recorded. Then the FSB officers detained her red-handed and instigated criminal proceedings. Initially, the former prosecutor had not pleaded guilty, and then she withdrew her testimony, claiming she had received the money as part of a debt.

The investigation continues; both the rainmaker and the businessmen face criminal responsibility. The case against Podmoskovye LLC entrepreneurs has been under investigation for eighteen months.

According to the company's head Eldar Eldarov, law enforcement agencies are unable to collect sufficient evidence base, and the investigation itself is being carried out with numerous errors. The company executives believe the case is a frameup. According to them, someone is trying to take away 100 hectares of land from them, despite the fact Podmoskovye LLC has all the documents confirming its right to land. 



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