Former Minister of Social Security in Transbaikal is facing a 7 years prison term

Former Minister of Social Security in Transbaikal is facing a 7 years prison term
The investigators think that Georgy Reva made himself comfortable at the expense of the elderly and disabled

According to the Office of Investigations of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Trans-Baikal Territory (Zabaykalsky Krai), a criminal case on the former Minister of Social Security is submitted to court.

Georgy Reva is charged with abuse of power. According to the investigators, the former Minister put his eye on the Atamanovsky  residential care facility for the elderly and disabled. He was going to make his private holiday village in the territory of the Zolotye peski (lit. - Golden Sands) recreation camp.

500 thousand rubles from government funds were spent on the construction of his villa, banya (Russian sauna) and garden-house. Additional 200 thousand rubles were spent on the furniture and home appliances. 150 thousand rubles from the recreation camp funds went to  settlement of property taxes. According to law-enforcement agencies, the buildings were in private hands of the ex-Minister of Social Security  and his relatives. 

Reva himself gave a full confession. Previously, the ex-Minister stated that he bore no relationship to the constructions that were allegedly being made for the entire recreation camp. If he is proven guilty, he is facing 7 years behind bars. 

Starting from 1997, Georgy Reva was a chairman of the committee for social security and public support of Chita regional administration. In 2008, he filled a post of Minister of Social Security in Transbaikal, then - Minister of Labour and Social Security. In February, Governor of Zabaykalsky Krai Konstantin Ilkovsky, after a scandal, resigned. His duties went to Natalia Zhdanova. On February 24th, she ordered to dismiss the Regional government, and it was the time for Georgy Reva to leave office. However, few days shy of it, it was already reported that the Minister is suspected of abuse of power.



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