Former MIA Colonel offered Lamonov bribe to deal with situation on Rochdelskaya

Former MIA Colonel offered Lamonov bribe to deal with situation on Rochdelskaya
Aleksandr Lamonov, the Deputy Head of the ICR Physical Protection Department

The former police officer Evgeny Surzhikov, who sided with Shakro Molodoy’s private security company in the conflict outside Elements restaurant, has allegedly tried to get a job in the Investigative Committee with the help of Aleksandr Lamonov.

The former MIA Colonel Evgeny Surzhikov, who was present at the shootout on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow, has offered a bribe to the Deputy Head of the ICR Main Directorate of Interagency Cooperation and Private Security Aleksandr Lamonov. As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, during the conflict outside Elements restaurant, Surzhikov sided with Andrey Kochuykov (the Italian) as an employee of the private security company, controlled by the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy).

According to RIA Novosti’s sources, Surzhikov had a meeting with Lamonov in late December 2015. He offered the senior ICR officer money in exchange for “managing the situation”. Moreover, during the interrogation, the former policeman told investigators that he had tried to get a position at the Investigative Committee of Russia. That is why he had allegedly communicated with the agency’s security service.

Another source of the news agency confirmed the meeting of Surzhikov and Lamonov. The source also reported that the former police officer was standing by during the firing on Rochdelskaya Street, allegedly because he knew the former KGB officer Eduard Budantsev. According to RIA Novosti’s interlocutor, Lamonov wondered why “one side of the conflict is in the detention center, and the other – under house arrest.” The investigator suspected that there is a corruption component to this case.

“He has received information from the Investigative Committee of Moscow about the involvement of the Department M’s management in the case; they have not been part of the operational support group of the present case and tried to put pressure on the investigation, adopting a position of Budantsev’s innocence,” agency source claimed.

It is also worth noting that Surzhikov is the former officer of the MIA General Administration for Economic Security, who was fighting Shakro Molodoy’s team during his service. Surzhikov was arrested in June 2016 on charges of extortion.

Let us recall that December 14, 2015, a conflict broke out in Elements restaurant between the institution’s owner Zhanna Kim and members of Shakro Molodoy’s private security company headed by a kingpin Andrey Kochuykov (the Italian). They had been sent by him to get 8 million rubles, which Kim allegedly owed to Shakro Molodoy’s acquaintance Fatima Misikova for designer services implemented for the restaurant. To protect herself, Kim appealed to the ex-security officials led by former KGB officer and former Commander of Moscow SOBR Rapid Deployment Task Force Eduard Budantsev (who engaged in collection services after the dismissal).

Firefight outside the restaurant with two people were killed has evolved into a criminal prosecution of the famous kingpin Shakro Molodoy and senior ICR officers, who had received a bribe from bandits, according to investigators. In addition, there have been suspicions that these employees had repeatedly covered Kalashov in the past. They have appeared as a result of inspections of many high-profile cases, in which the Head of ICR Main Directorate of Interagency Cooperation and Private Security Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Aleksandr Lamonov and the First Deputy Head of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow had a hand.



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