Former mayor of Arzamas detained for corruption and issuing bonuses to himself

Former mayor of Arzamas detained for corruption and issuing bonuses to himself
Igor Kiselev

In total, the official is charged under three corruption articles.

Former Mayor of Arzamas, the Nizhny Novgorod Region, Igor Kiselev, was detained on suspicion of corruption. As the ICR clarifies, the former official is charged under three articles.

“A criminal case is being investigated against the former head of the administration of the city of Arzamas. He is suspected of committing crimes such crimes as abuse of office, forgery committed by an official, and theft property entrusted to the suspect (three episodes),” the agency said.

As the investigation established, within the framework of the regional program for relocation from emergency housing, the mayor signed contracts with a certain company for construction of three houses. However, the contracts were not executed by the deadline, and the construction which was to be completed in November 2016 is still ongoing.

Despite the violation of the deadlines, the official did not take measures to terminate the contracts and recover 44 million rubles ($ 670,000) paid to the contractors, interest on the given amount, and the relevant damages.

On the contrary, in March 2017, the former mayor signed an act on the execution of work regarding the facilities, indicating a false date for their entry into operation. In addition, he signed a document according to which all the funds allocated  to the city budget were spent, the ICR adds.

Moreover, in the period from September to December 2016, the suspect repeatedly issued bonuses to himself. The total amount of payments exceeded 228,000 rubles ($ 3,500). It is added that in the near future he will be charged, and the issues regarding bail will be addressed.



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