Former ICR officer to be tried for 77-thousand-dollar bribe

Former ICR officer to be tried for 77-thousand-dollar bribe

In Moscow, the trial of former ICR officer, who has been caught taking a bribe of 77 thousand dollars (4.5 million rubles), begins.

The former Deputy Head of one of the ICR Moscow Main Investigations Directorate departments Aram Abramyan is accused of taking bribes on an especially large scale.

According to the press service of the Moscow Prosecutor's Office, during investigative actions in a case of theft of a legal entity's property, Aram Abramyan organized a series of searches in the premises of a company, the employees of which had supposedly been involved in the theft.

As a result, law enforcers seized items and documents relating to the commercial activities of the organization. In addition, they detained one of the employees as a suspect.

The ICR officer offered the detainee to select for him a preventive measure not associated with detention in exchange for a bribe of 22 thousand rubles (4.5 million rubles). He also promised to return all materials confiscated during the searches. As a result, in February last year, the corrupt ICR employee had received the required amount, and then was arrested. 

The criminal case has been referred to the Gagarinsky Court of Moscow for further consideration on the merits.



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