Former head of Ufa colony detained in bribery case

Former head of Ufa colony detained in bribery case
Yevgeny Pudakov

For the money, the suspect allegedly arranged extra meetings for prisoners and gave them household appliances.

In Ufa, former head of IK-13 and acting deputy head of FKU FSIN Interregional Center for the Republic of Bashkortostan Yevgeny Pudakov was detained on suspicion of bribe-taking, the ICR’s Investigative Directorate for the republic reported. According to investigators, for the money, Pudakov relaxed prisoners’ regime, including handing them home appliances “from the outside” and arranging extra meetings with visitors.

The investigators initiated the criminal case on three episodes of receiving small bribes from the prisoners. According to them, in September 2016, Pudakov threatened a prisoner with a cancelling a long meeting the latter was supposed to have, if he did not pay 20,000 rubles ($ 300). The money allegedly came from the convict’s wife to a specially created bank account, opened by a third party not associated with the penal colony.

The story repeated itself with another prisoner, whom the head of the colony supposedly promised to arrange a long meeting for 15,000 rubles ($ 225). In March 2017, for 40,000 rubles ($600) Pudakov, as the investigators believe, allowed to bring household appliances, including a TV, refrigerator and a microwave oven into the colony’s territory.



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