Former Head of Serpukhov district Shestun got married in jail

Former Head of Serpukhov district Shestun got married in jail
Alexander Shestun

The ceremony was attended by prison staff.

Alexander Shestun, the former Head of the Serpukhov district in the Moscow region, got spliced with his wife Yulia in the church of the Matrosskaya Tishina jail, Yulia Shestun told RBC.

“Today, the wedding ceremony took place at one o'clock. It was organized by Father Sergius, who is assigned to this detention center. People gifted icons. We hold hands for 40 minutes. I had to pick up the ring of Alexander Vyacheslavovich because jewelry is prohibited there,” said the wife of Shestun.

According to her, the ceremony was attended by prison officers. Yulia added that her husband lost weight, and had to wear a shirt and jeans to his celebration.

“Then we had a short meeting with the children. We talked for 1.5 hours. He said that it is tough for him to refuse the hunger strike: he starts eating - everything hurts,” said Shestun.

Alexander Shestun headed Serpukhov district since 2003. In June 2018, he was detained and accused of fraud, money laundering, and illegal business activities. In February, Shestun was charged with accepting bribes worth 9.9 million rubles.

In July 2018, he went on a hunger strike out of numerous violations of his rights and beatings. He was hospitalized at the end of August, after which he terminated his hunger strike due to health deterioration.

In February, the former official resumed a hunger strike and committed suicide in the SIZO. In May, he announced the end of the hunger strike.



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