Former Head of Orenburg tax office was caught red-handed taking while taking bribe

Former Head of Orenburg tax office was caught red-handed taking while taking bribe

In Orenburg, the police arrested the former Head of one of the local tax offices for bribery.

The Orenburg regional directorate of the IC has initiated a criminal case against the former Head of the Russian Federal Tax Service office for Promyshlenny district of the city. He is accused of taking bribes on a large scale (item b of p. 5, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code).

During the investigative actions, the police found that in March of this year, a former tax collector received 208,000 rubles from one of the Orenburg businessmen. The entrepreneur is the head of several law firms, some of which are located on the territory of the tax office, in which the suspect held a senior management position. In exchange for the amount received, the former Head of the tax office has promised the entrepreneur general protection for firms which are in his area during the tax inspections. It is noteworthy that as an intermediary in bribery the former Head of the district FTS office used his wife.

As the IC ID of the Orenburg Region added, on July 20th this year, the former tax official and his wife were detained by the law enforcement officials. The couple was charged. Actions of the woman was qualified under item b of Part 3 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code - mediation in bribery.

Currently, such a pre-trial restriction as taking into custody is considered in respect of the detainees. In this case, the spouses do not admit their guilt in their alleged crimes.

In order to enforce the sentence the investigative agencies are determining property belonging to the accused spouses. This measure is necessary for the further seizure of property.

The IC in the Orenburg Region stressed that the law enforcement agencies have every reason to believe that this case of bribery is not the only one from the former Head of the local tax office. Now, experts are working out the version with the involvement of the person of interest to other similar episodes of corruption crimes. The criminal investigation continues.



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