Former Head of Moscow WAD IAD is sentenced to 10 years in prison

Former Head of Moscow WAD IAD is sentenced to 10 years in prison
Vladimir Rozhkov

The patron of the influential solver Dionysy Zolotov took bribes in money and vehicles.

The former Head of the Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow's Western Administrative District (WAD IAD) Vladimir Rozhkov is sentenced. The court found him guilty of taking bribes on an especially large scale and sentenced him to 10 years in prison, said the Investigative Committee of Russia.

It also transpired that Rozhkov was deprived of the police colonel rank and was sentenced to a fine in amount of 30 million rubles.

The evidence provided by the prosecution were recognized by the court sufficient for sentencing.

According to the investigation, the MIA Colonel Rozhkov, during the period from June to November 2013, received bribes in the total amount of 5 million rubles, as well as Lexus RX-350 and Toyota Land Cruiser Prada worth about 5.3 million rubles. In addition, the briber paid for the renovation of the former MIA Head’s apartment. Its price, as reported by the ICR, amounted to 15 million rubles.

For this, Rozhkov, according to the investigation, promised the briber patronage and connivance in the service of the law enforcement agencies on the territory under its jurisdiction, the ICR reported.

Vladimir Rozhkov, who resigned from the MIA in late 2014, was arrested on February 13, 2015. The CrimeRussia was first to report on the corruption basis preceding the detention and arrest of the senior MIA official. According to our source, the senior police officer was familiar with the solver Denis Tumarkin, who worked under the name of Dionysy Zolotov.

It is known that the Zolotov-Tumarkin using his extensive connections in the law enforcement structures initiated institution of custom-made criminal cases against employers whom he then offered his paid assistance for their termination.

Zolotov was arrested in the summer of 2014. During the searches, he had the audio and video evidence of Vladimir Rozhkov’s involvement in the raider seizure of Korolevskaya voda CJSC. Zolotov recorded all the negotiations on the shadow deals in order to blackmail their members in future.

Soon after he found himself under investigation, Zolotov concluded the pre-trial agreement on cooperation with the law enforcers and confessed to bribing Rozhkov. After this, against the Head of the IAD and his former subordinates inspections were initiated. Furthermore, Dionysy Zolotov told the investigators about the misleading information on the founder of Korolevskaya voda CJSC Joseph Badalov.



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