Former Head of Chuvashia Employment Service charged with bribery

Former Head of Chuvashia Employment Service charged with bribery
Sergey Viktorov

Special Cases Directorate of the ICR Investigations Directorate in Chuvashia has indicted former Head of State Employment Service of the republic Sergey Viktorov.

The former official is suspected of bribe-taking, which is punishable by criminal prosecution in accordance with part 1 and part 2 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code.

According to the senior investigator of the Investigations Directorate of the ICR in Chuvashia Oleg Dmitriev, the case file confirms Viktorov, who had been working as the Head of State Employment for less than a year, receiving bribes totaling 244 thousand rubles from two trading companies dealing with supply of software. The accused received the bribes in August and December 2015 in Cheboksary and Moscow.

The investigation believes that in exchange for bribes, Viktorov assisted vendors in obtaining state contracts for the supply of software from the institution he used to head.

The Investigative Committee in Chuvashia noted the defendant admitted his guilt and decided to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

Sergey Viktorov was placed under investigation in March 2016. The court selected house arrest as preventive measure.



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