Former Governor Nikita Belykh suspected of obstructing justice

Former Governor Nikita Belykh suspected of obstructing justice

The prosecutor has accused the former Governor Belykh of obstructing the investigation.

During the court hearing, the prosecutor accused the former Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh of obstructing justice. His claim was supported by the investigator, who stated that in case of lifting the arrest the accused may try to escape. After hearing the arguments of the prosecution, the court agreed to extend the arrest until December 24.

The investigation into the actions of the detained is still carried out. A phonoscope examination will be scheduled in the near future. In addition, the prosecution noted that they have evidence from members of the government of the Kirov Region, representatives of Kirov administration, and employees of Novovyatskiy Lyzhny Kombinat (Ski Industrial Center). However, according to the data provided by Interfax, for now the case contains evidence only from the owner of Novovyatskiy Lyzhny Kombinat, Yuri Zudhaymer.

Lawyers stated that their client could not pressure the witnesses, because Belykh had been dismissed from office and had no requisite powers. In addition, the former official’s international passport had been confiscated, which excludes the possibility of him escaping abroad. According to the defense, the accused was confirmed to have only an account with a few dozens of rubles, a third part of apartment in Perm received by his parents before his birth, as well as a small apartment in a Khrushchev-era house, acquired prior to taking office.

The defense asked to release the defendant on bail or to change the measure of restraint to house arrest in Belykh’s house in the Moscow Region or in the apartment of the lawyer Prokhorov. The court rejected the request.

The defense team of the former governor also added a new lawyer, Alexey Grebensky. He was famous for representing the rights of a mixed martial arts fighter Rasul Mirzaev in the case of homicide by negligence.

On July 24, Nikita Belykh was caught with the mainour in a Moscow restaurant, while receiving a bribe of 400 thousand euros. The Moscow's Basmanny Court sanctioned his arrest until August 24. On July 28, the Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Belykh from office "in connection with the loss of president’s confidence."



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