Former Ensign Danielyan got few years' in jail for theft of Defense Ministry's apartments

Former Ensign Danielyan got few years' in jail for theft of Defense Ministry's apartments

Earlier, the former adjutant commander of ground forces was already sentenced to 11.5 years in prison for fraud with 15 apartments of the department.

The Cheryomushkinsky District Court in Moscow sentenced former Ensign Valery Danielyan, who participated in the theft of the Defence Ministry's apartments, to 7 years in prison. The court convicted Danielyan in 55 episodes of Swindling (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

Note that earlier, in 2015, the Ensign has already been convicted by the Zyuzinsky Сourt of Moscow for similar crimes. Then the defendant was accused in the fact that he stole 15 apartments from the Ministry of Defence, inflicting damage of 355 million rubles. The court sentenced him to a 12 years of imprisonment in the strict regime penal colony, later, the sentence was reduced by six months. Therefore, the Cheryomushkinsky District Court of Moscow appointed Danielyan 13 years in prison in conjunction with the previous punishment.

Defendants in the case were also entrepreneurs and representatives of the Ministry of Defense - Violetta Fursova, Vera Maslovskaya, Sergey Maslovsky, Alexey Semin, Igor Ganichev, Stanislav Balyukin. However, it is former Land Forces Ensign Danielyan, who, according to investigators, organized fraudelent scheme. In 2013, fraudsters received a property at their disposal with the help of forged documents for the right to housing for social rent agreement, namely, extracts from the orders of the Chief of the Ministry of Defense Residential-Operational Department. Attackers managed to privatize dozens of apartments owned by public entities with these extracts. After the registration of rights to housing, apartments were sold at market prices to purchasers in good faith. According to the ICR's data, the damage from their actions is amounted to 1 billion rubles.



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