Former employees of MIA University face trial for swindling

Former employees of MIA University face trial for swindling

The employees are accused of swindling on an especially large scale and illegal possession of ammunition, according to the Office of Public Affairs of the Moscow Public Prosecutor’s Office.

An entrepreneur acquaintance of Head of the University Facilities Maintenance Department Evgeny Astapov told him she was under a criminal investigation for tax evasion, according to the investigation.

Astapov, Valery Nazarov, a professor of constitutional and municipal law from the same University, and Eleonora Iremashvili, their entrepreneur acquaintance, decided to lie to the woman. They told her that her tax debt was going to be increased to 25 million rubles. The accessories persuaded the woman she could go to prison for such a debt. They told her that if she gave them 13 million rubles they could bribe the police. The perpetrators promised the woman that her debt would be reduced to 1.5 million rubles and the criminal case would be closed.

The woman paid the swindlers 10 million rubles but was still accused of tax evasion. The victim filed a complaint to the police after that.

The criminal case against the 2 University employees and their accessory was referred to the Dorogomilovsky District Court. Nazarov and Iremashvili have been arrested. As for Astapov, the Court imposed travel restrictions on him.



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