Former Deputy of Government Rostislav Danilenko faces trial

Former Deputy of Government Rostislav Danilenko faces trial
Rostislav Danilenko

Former Deputy Chair of the Regional Government Rostislav Danilenko and former Vice Mayor Leonid Komarov are facing trial in Yaroslavl.

Criminal cases were referred to the Kirov District Court (Yaroslavl).

Both officials are accused of breaking the article 159, part 3 (“Swindling Committed by a Person through his Official Position, as well as on a Large Scale”) of the Criminal Code of the Russia Federation. Moreover, Danilenko is accused of also breaking the article 286, part 2 (“Exceeding Official Powers committed by a Person Holding a Government Post of the Russian Federation or a Government Post of a Subject of the Russian Federation, or by the Head of a Local Self-Government Body”) of the Code. The criminal cases will be heard separately since Danilenko pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the investigation. His case will be heard using a special procedure and without examining evidences.

The case files were referred to court, according to Yaroslavl Region Court Media Relations Officer Nataliya Sarbunova. Court has already held preliminary hearing of the criminal case against Leonid Komarov. The 1st hearing will be held this Friday on March 10. The case against Rostislav Danilenko will be heard on March 14.

Danilenko’s case will be heard using a special procedure since he pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. This means court cannot punish him as severely as possible in accordance with the law. Court will only be able to sentence him to 2/3 of possible prison term reserved by the Code for such crimes.

May we remind you that Rostislav Danilenko and Leonid Komarov were arrested on December 21, 2015. They were sent to pre-trial detention facility after that. Court eased pre-trial restrictions for Danilenko, changing them from incarceration to house arrest last February. In November, court changed it travel restrictions.  As for Leonid Komarov, he was released from pre-trial detention facility and placed under house arrest in April, 2016. Court also eventually eased his pre-trial restriction and imposed travel restriction on him instead of house arrest last August.

Rostislav Danilenko was responsible for health care, education, and social services when working for the regional government and before being arrested. He was dismissed the same day he was arrested. As for Leonid Komarov, he resigned from the City Administration voluntarily in March of 2016. He supervised city planning activities when working for the City Administration.⁠



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